Vertical Vinyl Reflective Arm Band Badge Holder

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    Product Description

    This reflective arm band badge holder is the perfect badge holder for construction workers, factory workers and other active personnel who move around frequently but are still required to display an ID credential. While standard lanyards or badge reels may leave an attached credential vulnerable to snares and tangles, this vinyl arm band remains securely attached to the wearer while also sitting safely out of the way.

    Made of brightly colored orange vinyl, this arm band badge holder is able to display a standard credit card-sized ID credential while also protecting it from bending, cracking, water damage and more. The vinyl's reflective makeup makes this holder a safety tool as well: light will reflect off of the holder in dimly lit environments, making the employee wearing the holder more visible.

    The elastic strap that secures the holder to the wearer is adjustable, meaning the badge holder can fit personnel of all sizes or can be worn over heavy clothing.

    Design Type Flexible
    Thickness .05"
    Insert SizeCredit Card
    Material Vinyl
    Capacity Single-card
    Outer Dimensions2.45" x 4.4"
    Insert Dimensions2.38" x 3.38"
    Extraction Type Manual
    Load TypeTop




    Clothing-friendly No
    Resealable closure No
    Locking card case No
    Anti-print transfer No
    Shielded for identity protection No
    Eco-friendly No
    ImprintableYes, Contact Us