COVID-19 Employee Badge Vaccine Sticker, Tamper Resistant

Item #: COVID22/23-2
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Product Description

These small but noticeable stickers are recommended for use on employee badges. The clean, bright design clearly communicates that an employee has been vaccinated. Using COVID-19 Vaccine Stickers provides a visual indicator of vaccinated employees while also encouraging others to get vaccinated.

  • Blue label with pre-printed white text "C-19 22/23" 
  • 3/8" Round Circle
  • Quantity: 1 Pack with 50 Labels
  • Permanent Adhesive - for use on employee badges
  • Tamper evident "VOID" feature leaves behind a message when the sticker is tampered with, preventing removal and transfer
Adhesive TypePermanent
Dimensions 3/8" Round
Color Blue
Printed Text "C-19 22/23"
FeatureTamper Evident
Packaging 1 Pack with 50 Stickers