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UBand™ Wristbands

Convenient Access Control with a Wave of the Wrist

UBand™ is a wearable access control solution that offers the functionality of an access card with the convenience of a wristband.

Open doors and lockers, pay for items in the cafeteria, clock in using a time/attendance system
Increase brand recognition and school spirit with custom-printed logos or text


Standard access cards require a free hand and attachment that can become tangled or are at risk of loss or theft. UBand™ remains securely on the wrist, making it not only efficient and nearly theft-proof, but provides a wide breadth of hands-free applications for employees, students, law enforcement, and visitors. Ideal for office buildings, colleges & universities, fitness centers, and more, these access control wristbands are made of durable 100% silicone with proximity or Mifare technology and stand up to the rigors of everyday use. With a simple wave of the wrist to the card reader, those issued UBand™ will be able to: UBand™ is an innovative contactless access solution that is ideal for colleges & universities, fitness centers, office buildings, and more.

At its most basic, UBand is an access control wristband. These wearable access credentials are a modern option for those seeking an updated access control card solution. With just a wave of the wrist, your personnel will be able to:

• Open doors
• Pay for items in the company cafeteria
• Clock in using a time/attendance system


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IDentiPROX™ Uband™ Access Wristband -
IDentiPROX™ Uband™ Access Chip Sensor RFID Wristband
Item #: UBAND-BLU-PRX-26-6
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