Florida Hospital Association Emergency Codes
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Florida Hospital Association standardized emergency codes

The products you need to meet FHA recommendations

  • FHA emergency code standards have been updated for 2014
  • Badge Buddies can be customized to include various codes
  • Multiple sizes and styles mean there’s a Badge Buddy for everyone

For more than a decade, the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) has been putting out recommendations on how to standardize hospital emergency codes in order to make facilities safer across the state. These recommendations are revised by healthcare workers and volunteers on a yearly basis to ensure that they stay as current as possible.

These codes provide uniformity at healthcare facilities across Florida, and while facilities aren’t required to adopt these recommendations, compliance is strongly encouraged by the FHA. The FHA recently released an updated set of recommendations for 2014, making now the perfect time to get your facility current with the latest list of codes and ensure that your patients and staff are as safe as possible.

Badge Buddies are an ideal solution for meeting FHA recommendations

IDenticard’s Badge Buddies are the perfect way to ensure that your staff members are fully informed about your facility’s emergency codes and a great way to meet FHA recommendations. Badge Buddies can be custom designed to feature as many or as few codes as your facility deems necessary and come with the added benefit of also displaying a worker’s title in clear, bold text.

Custom Badge Buddies featuring your facility’s emergency codes serve as a constant reminder to your employees of what steps need to be taken and what protocols need to be followed in case of emergency. This will help make employees more confident in the event of an emergency, which in turn will lead to a safer facility.

Why choose IDenticard’s Badge Buddies for your facility emergency codes?

Badge Buddies are an excellent solution for facilities looking to be compliant with FHA recommendations for a number of reasons. Our Badge Buddies will help you get in line with the FHA’s guidelines by being:

Badge Buddies with NA, LVN and RN
  • Customizable: Badge Buddies can be custom designed. This variability allows your facility to tailor the color codes to your site’s specific protocols, like assembling in a certain area following an emergency or using certain language when making announcements over the public address system.
  • Flexible: IDenticard offers Badge Buddies in a variety of styles, including vertical or horizontal orientations, single- or dual-sided print and custom sizes. This flexibility makes it easy to create a custom Badge Buddy solution for your facility.
  • Reusable: Healthcare facilities see a number of professionals coming in and out at different times, making it expensive to issue cards to every employee. Badge Buddies are made of durable synthetic paper substrate and are laminated, meaning they’ll stand up to normal wear-and-tear. Badge Buddies also attach to an existing badge or card with a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel, meaning they can be separated and reissued in seconds.
  • Versatile: There are a number of different options when it comes to choosing Badge Buddies. IDenticard offers pre-printed Badge Buddies that will arrive finished and laminated as well as an online design your own Badge Buddies tool. IDenticard has a Badge Buddy solution for every organization.

Set up a consultation with IDenticard's healthcare experts

Choosing the perfect Badge Buddy style can be difficult, as the needs of each facility will be different. Fortunately, IDenticard has sales solutions specialists who focus on serving clients in the healthcare field and will work with you to assess your site’s needs. Our healthcare experts have experience working with other Florida hospitals and with the FHA’s code recommendations. We will:

  • Determine which codes your facility needs printed on the Badge Buddies and how to best utilize the print area
  • Recommend the ideal size and orientation for your Badge Buddies, depending on your site’s current ID badging program
  • Set you up with our custom printing services, meaning your Badge Buddies arrive completely finished with no printing required at your site
  • Assist you with additional supply needs, including custom lanyards, custom badge reels or strap clips to secure your new Badge Buddies to the wearers

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