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Badge Buddies role-recognition cards

Display titles with large print and bold colors

  • Compliant with many healthcare identification regulations
  • Photo ID software to design employee badges
  • Available in both white and clear material

Ideal for hospitals and medical centers, Badge Buddies from IDenticard are synthetic paper role-recognition cards that clearly display an employee’s title in a large font surrounded by bright colors. Badge Buddies help differentiate between different levels of personnel, making it easier for patients, visitors or customers to know who is helping them.

While most popular in the medical field, Badge Buddies are useful in a variety of different arenas and industries. Use Badge Buddies at a convention to denote who is a speaker or organizer, use at schools to clearly identify volunteers or use for special recognition of employee achievements or milestones

Badge Buddies: Convenient role recognition

Designed for use in the medical field, IDenticard’s pre-printed Badge Buddies are a quick and simple solution to role-recognition needs. Simply attach a Badge Buddy to an existing badge or card with a strap clip for a complete identification solution. In some cases, Badge Buddies can be added to existing ID credentials to satisfy government identification requirements.

  • Badge Buddies are laminated and made of synthetic paper for additional durability, ensuring that they stand up to the wear-and-tear of everyday use.
  • Badge Buddies are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations, allowing them to be worn with any badge or card.
  • Pre-printed Badge Buddies are available as CNA (yellow), DOCTOR (orange), LPN (green), RN (blue) and VOLUNTEER (purple).

Custom Badge Buddies: Simple, intuitive online design

IDenticard’s Design Your Own Badge Buddies tool lets you do the designing while we do the printing. Choose your card size, orientation, background color and text to create completely unique Badge Buddies to suit your needs. Custom Badge Buddies will be sent to you fully printed and laminated, meaning there’s no need for on-site finishing.

  • Custom Badge Buddies are available in four different sizes, including two “extra long” sizes that are designed to have more space for text.
  • Over a dozen background and font colors are available, including black, red, green, pink and purple.
  • Custom Badge Buddies can be dual-sided, ensuring that your title is always visible even if the Badge Buddy gets twisted.
  • Custom Badge Buddies are also available in a clear material. Ideal for dual-sided ID cards, these Badge Buddies feature the printed title on both sides but allow the back of an attached ID card to remain visible.
  • Upload your logo, graphic or other artwork to make your Badge Buddy stand out from the crowd.

Badge Buddies are available in a variety of different sizes, styles and colors. IDenticard’s experienced sales associates will work with you to determine which Badge Buddy solution best suits your needs.


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