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PremiSys™ ID

A modern, full-featured identification management solution

  • Enhance ID processes with multifaceted software
  • Standalone, networkable and available as a mobile app
  • Make your ID badging and verification programs more efficient

Today’s identification programs require more than just the ability to design and print an ID badge. Modern organizations don’t just need a product; they need a solution, one that will be able to issue credentials quickly, deploy badging operations across multiple sites and immediately verify users for added security. PremiSys ID is that solution.

Designed by IDenticard with today’s modern users in mind, PremiSys ID is more than just photo ID software. It’s what we call an identification management solution, because it allows users to design and issue credentials, verify cardholders, edit or delete cardholder data, manage parking lot security and more.

PremiSys ID is scalable, allowing users to get as creative or as simple as they want. It’s available as a standalone desktop application, as networked software across multiple sites and as a mobile application that allows users to bring their ID management solution with them, perfect for modern organizations.

Whatever your identification management need may be, PremiSys ID can help. It’s the perfect identification software solution for employee ID badging programs, student ID badging services at colleges and more.

What's the current version of PremiSys ID?


Our team is constantly working on PremiSys ID, making adjustments to make our customers’ experience even better. With that in mind, we frequently release software updates.

The current version of PremiSys ID is: 4.2.

If you’re running an older version of PremiSys ID, you’re missing out on great new features. Contact us for information on how to upgrade.

PremiSys ID: Productivity. Mobility. Flexibility.

Productivity: PremiSys ID helps you run an efficient, effective identification program

A wide-ranging identification management solution seems like it’d be tough to manage, with all of the different components. However, PremiSys ID was designed to make it easy. The software contains everything an organization needs to run a successful operation, from printing badges to verifying cardholder data.

  • Comprehensive ID badge design: PremiSys ID was designed to create quality ID badges, and it does that in a user-friendly manner. The software includes several ID card design templates, including industry-specific templates. Quickly and easily design healthcare ID badges, government ID badges and more. PremiSys ID also allows the creation of custom templates with our easy-to-use card design wizard.
  • Unrivaled data points: Most organizations need the basics in their identification system, like name, title and department. PremiSys ID is capable of storing dozens of different user data points, from license plate numbers to emergency contact information. Custom data points can be created as well, allowing you to gather and store as much or as little information as you require.
  • Enhance existing processes: PremiSys ID is able to help your organization do more with its identification program. Instead of using another photo ID software program to print a badge, you can use PremiSys to design and print badges, store security data, filter users by specific criteria and more.

See it for yourself: Screenshots of PremiSys ID

Mobility: The PremiSys mobile app brings you a full-fledge mobile badging station

One of the best features of PremiSys ID is the PremiSys mobile app, which allows you to take your PremiSys experience on the go with a compatible mobile device. The PremiSys mobile app frees your identification management solution from the desktop, allowing you more freedom and more options. The app is compatible with select iPads®, iPhones® and Android® phones.

  • Not just an app: A mobile badging station: The PremiSys ID mobile app does more than just take photos. It’s a true mobile badging station, enabling users to create quality ID credentials without being tethered to a desktop computer. The app can take a user’s photo, input data into more than 50 variable data fields and print a card to a networked printer. A PremiSys mobile badging station comes in handy when handling large crowds, like ID badges for college orientations or new hire days at large corporate sites.
  • Immediate verification for added security: The PremiSys mobile app contains all of the relevant data about the employees at your site, enabling a user to look up all kinds of data. The app is a great way to monitor people at your site. Imagine a security guard encounters someone at your site late at night. With the PremiSys mobile app, the guard can scan the employee badges to confirm after-hours access or can ask for some form of ID and search the person’s name in the PremiSys database. All of this can be done without returning to the security office, saving time.
  • Access across multiple sites: The PremiSys mobile app enables your site to go from a single card-creating office to multiple sites with the addition of a few iPads® or smartphones, making your organization more efficient. The mobile app can help provide relief during busy badging operations, or can be used to verify employees or frequent guests at different areas of your site.

Flexibility: Customize your PremiSys ID experience to suit your site’s needs

PremiSys ID is a great fit both for huge identification programs or for small offices operations. The capabilities of the PremiSys identification management solution can be tailored to meet the needs of your site, meaning it will never be overwhelming or underwhelming.

  • Multiple deployment options: PremiSys ID can be used in a number of ways, depending on what your site needs. Don’t need a networked printing option? Use PremiSys as a standalone client! Want to have one station print to multiple locations for easy badge pick-up? PremiSys is networkable! Need multiple locations across a number of sites? Take the PremiSys mobile app with you!
  • Multiple card options: You know PremiSys ID will design a professional card, but what about printing? PremiSys ID is able to print on both PVC and synthetic paper for maximum flexibility, meaning most organizations won’t have to completely change their cardstock to adopt PremiSys ID.
  • Multiple user levels: Access to PremiSys ID doesn’t need to be limited to an administrator. The software is able to record different levels of access rights. For example, you want your security guard to be able to search and access cardholder records for verification, but don’t want the guard inputting or editing data. PremiSys ID can do that! Grant different access levels to different personnel to make the solution accessible while still keeping it secure.

PremiSys ID: Create It. Control It. Command It.

PremiSys ID is a powerful solution with a variety of uses and nearly limitless capabilities. If you’d like to learn more about what PremiSys ID can do, including specific insights into how to best deploy PremiSys ID at your site, please contact us for a free consultation with a member of the IDenticard team.

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