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PremiSys 4.7 ReadMe

Version 4.7

PremiSys LT
PremiSys Pro
PremiSysID Pro


Refer to this ReadMe for important information concerning installation and use of your software, which may include up-to-the-minute Help instructions and application alerts. Resolved software issues and new known issues are listed here as well. PDC IDenticard strongly recommends that you read these notes in their entirety before using this software.

System Requirements

Please visit the following link for server and client computer requirements:

PremiSys PC Specifications

PremiSys Version 4.7 is compatible with 64-bit versions of supported Windows® operating systems, except 64-bit Windows XP®. The database installed with PremiSys is Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Express - if the operating system is 32-bit, the 32-bit version of SQL Server is installed. If the operating system is 64-bit, the 64-bit version of SQL Server is installed.


If you are upgrading from an unsupported version of PremiSys, click here for additional important considerations that are required to upgrade to the current version. Click here for a list of supported & unsupported versions.

Important: If PremiSys-ENGAGE site is not created at time of initial licensing of NDE Lock(s), operator can use the NDE Site Generation option found in Tools menu.

Important: NDE Locks and Schlage Controls do not support Areas and thus cannot be used with the Muster Report feature. An "access granted" transaction from an NDE Lock or Schlage Control WILL NOT reflect a change of location for a cardholder on the Muster Report.

Important: A maximum of 100 ENGAGE Gateways should be added to a single PremiSys-ENGAGE Site in order to maintain performance of the client application.

Important: When restoring an IDBAK which contains ENGAGE Gateway devices, the IDenticard Windows Service should be manually restarted in order to re-establish proper communication with all Gateway devices.

Important: Deactivation dates are required for cards being used with Resident Manager. Commands cannot be written to card (using an MT20W) unless a deactivation date has been assigned to the card.

Important: When updating ENGAGE device firmware for Online locks, make sure to update gateway firmware to the latest version before updating locks. Gateways and locks must have ENGAGE 5 or higher firmware in order to push new firmware from PremiSys. When updating ENGAGE lock firmware for offline locks, current firmware must be ENGAGE 5 or higher. If you have ENGAGE devices which do not meet these requirements, you must use the ENGAGE Mobile Application to update firmware.

Important: Additional Relay configuration requires the relays to be on the SIO as the reader.

Important: Additional Relay configuration requires the use of the next relay associated with the door.

Important: Additional Relay will never activate if the strike is off before the delay expires.

Important: When upgrading from version 4.6 or below, the PremiSys Windows Service must be manually started after the upgrade is completed.

Known Issues

  • - Help file is not updated to include new or updated features.
  • - When upgrading clients, the auto-client update feature cannot install versions of .NET Framework. If an upgrade requires a newer version of .NET Framework then that Framework version will need to be installed before using auto-client update OR the upgrade must be run manually using PremiSys installation files.
  • - When logging in after certain plugins are installed on the server a DirectX installation may appear. If the logged in user does not have permissions to install software the DirectX install will fail.
  • - Transaction filtering options do not allow the user to filter Rack objects (reference: 63886)
  • - Hardware permissions do not apply to Transaction History reports when running a report using an archive file (reference: 67804)
  • - Use of the latest Exacq plugin with an exacqVision™ 5.x server may display incorrect camera status in PremiSys
  • - The “Unused Active Cards” dashboard widget is limited to display a maximum of 1000 cards in the table-view.
  • - A User Logoff transaction will not be generated for a client which is logged off due to a network connection or client-PC issue until the client logs back in.
  • - Though IE8 is not a supported browser for use with PremiSys, if you must use it you may notice significant performance issues when using the Dashboard feature set.
  • - When using the Dashboard feature from a web-browser, using the browser’s refresh feature requires the user to log in again.
  • - Dashboard feature may not work correctly when using Compatibility Mode in versions of Internet Explorer.
  • - Mobile users will need to exit and restart their application after a new lookup field is made available to mobile users or when new lookup values are added to a lookup field which has already been made available to mobile users.
  • - Use of certain special characters when entering data on a mobile device may result in a Cardholder not displaying correctly in Navigator. (reference: D-01472)
  • - User log-on and log-off transactions are not visible in Monitor/Control unless/until at least one Controller has been configured. (reference: D-01618)
  • - Scanning of Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes using the mobile application is only supported on iOS devices and only with iOS version 8 or higher
  • - One-time-use cards can be used again after an NDE Lock "phones home" and receives a configuration change or card update. (reference: D-01889)
  • - Specific properties for LE locks are not present on the ENGAGE Door Report (reference: S-03385)
  • - When upgrading PremiSys, the default port number for TCP port for HTTPS bindings is reset to 443 in IIS. (reference: D-02333)
  • - Hardware changes made using a Resident Manager mobile application are not journaled in the hardware journal(s)
  • - Dashboard feature is not accessible using LDAP user logins
  • - Mobile application is not compatible with LDAP user logins

      Version History

      PremiSys 4.7 August 2, 2021
      New Features
      • Added Cardholder Management using web client
      • Added support for LDAPS
      Resolved Issues
      • Resolved an issue where cards were not being downloaded to LP controllers using the cardholder API (reference: Defect 848)
      • Resolved an issue where &quote;Set as Default&quote; was not working for ENGAGE reader configuration (reference: Defect 679)
      PremiSys 4.6 October 14, 2020
      New Features
      • Added the ability to configure Additional Relay to a door
      • Added support for Check-In Reader
      • Added support to display the Elevator Floor name in Access Group configuration
      • Improved operation of the Gateway firmware dialog to only pull information when requested
      • Improved operation of the Gateway firmware dialog to only pull information on Gateways that are visible
      Resolved Issues
      • Resolved an issue where ENGAGE WiFi locks were using lowercase values as part of the LockIdentifier (reference: Defect 554)
      • Resolved an issue where using PC system region other than English (United States) will cause erratic behavior with PremiSys UI (reference: Defect 647)
      • Resolved an issue with network discovery dialog preventing further scans and lock of information (reference: Defect 617)
      • Resolved an issue with Resident Manager users who are returned to login screen when saving a cardholder record. (reference: Defect 614)
      • Resolved an issue with ENGAGE edge devices returning NULL value when requesting status (reference: Defect 688)
      • Resolved an issue with poor performance while saving cardholder record. (reference: Defect 689)
      • Resolved an issue with Trigger and Procedure operation for ENGAGE CTE and RU/RM edge devices. (reference: Defect 631)
      PremiSys 4.5 April 22, 2020
      New Features
      • Added plugin support for Avigilon ACC7 video servers
      • Added support for Schlage NDE and LE revision 2.0
      • Added support for Schlage NDE revision 2.0 IPB
      • Added support for ENGAGE Invalid Card Audits
      • Upgraded .NET redistributable bundled with the installer to .NET 4.7.2
      Resolved Issues
      • Advanced Search dialog fails to open. (reference: Defect 398)
      • Resolved Alarm Acknowledgment failing on new install. (reference: Defect 346)
      • Resolved saving ENGAGE card to cardholder. (reference: Defect 464)
      • Resolved Lockdown Trigger and Procedure issues. (reference: Defect 388)
      • Gateway polling improvements. (reference: Defect 443)
      • Support for Mercury LP controllers in API. (reference: Defect 55)
      • Resolved fault error with Status API. (reference: Defect 494)
      • Resolved Access Area issues in API. (reference: Defect 495)
      • Improved time sync with ENGAGE Gateway.
      • Improved ENGAGE Hardware tree performance.

      PremiSys 4.4 October 15, 2019
      New Features
      • Added the ability to turn ENGAGE IP Gateway polling On/Off
      • Improved security of APIs and services
      • Added support for high DPI screens
      • Added the ability to use Maps outside of the main PremiSys window
      • Added support for Windows Server 2019
      • Added plugin support for Hanwha video servers
      • Added a report to monitor resident activity when using online and offline ENGAGE locks
      • Added support for Schlage Control hardware revision 2.0
      Resolved Issues
      • Made various security enhancements
      • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from adding Global Groups.
      • Improved the performance loading the Card Properties dialog with a large number of ENGAGE doors.
      • Resolved an issue where an ENGAGE hardware site could not be deleted from the site collection.

      PremiSys 4.3 June 18, 2019
      New Features
      • Added support for card data that is 64 bit or greater
      • Added support for ASSA ABLOY Aperio Hub and wireless locks
      • Added a RESTful API for performing simple cardholder functions
      • Added Select and Unselect All option for the Manage Printers dialog
      • Upgraded .NET redistributable bundled with the installer to .NET 4.5.2
      • Slight performance improvement in ENGAGE Gateway management service
      Resolved Issues
      • Monitor Hardware Tree will lock up when viewing statuses on a system that has a large number of ENGAGE online doors
      • Error in hardware tree interface when denying view permissions for certain channel configurations
      • Mainform toolbar position gets displaced when logging in multiple times in the same session

      PremiSys 4.2 February 22, 2019
      Resolved Issues
      • Updated password hashing method (CVE-2019-3907)
      • Added option to secure backups with a user-specified password (CVE-2019-3908)

      PremiSys 4.1 January 23, 2019
      Resolved Issues
      • Removed hardcoded credential and replaced it with a unique system-generated password for each session (CVE-2019-3906)

      PremiSys 4.0 January 7, 2019
      New Features
      • Added support for ENGAGE CTE as WiFi (Offline) or BLE (Online) devices
      • Maps now support ENGAGE BLE (Online) doors including manual actions
      • ENGAGE Lock Summary Report is now scheduleable
      • Battery Level field was added to the ENGAGE Lock Summary Report
      • Added support for LP Controllers
      • Added support for new "S3 - PoE One-Door Reader Board"
      • Added support for OSDP readers
      • ENGAGE Gateway, Schlage PIM, and Schlage AD300 are now supported on all EP and LP based controllers
      • Global Trigger/Procedures can now use ENGAGE Online locks and Gateways in Triggers and Actions
      • Added support for ENGAGE LE when using ENGAGE Gateways in RSI mode
      • Improved performance when downloading a controller that had a large card database
      • Added option to disable Door Position indicator for ENGAGE NDE and LE locks
      • Added a feature to check for new software version
      • Added RBH50 - 32/16 Card Format for ENGAGE locks
      • Improved usability when linking ENGAGE locks to a Gateway in RSI mode
      • Added MIFARE Plus support for ENGAGE locks
      • Added YOU Get It First subscription license
      • Added support for Schlage AD doors on EP/LP PoE One Door Reader Controllers and EP/LP Two Reader Controllers
      Resolved Issues
      • Scheduled tasks can become corrupted and disappear from the task list (reference: D-02545)
      • Door or Controller Statistics Dialog does not open if item name exceeds 50 characters (reference: D-02546)
      • Certain cardholder filters could prevent a user from being able to run the Access Group with Cardholders Report (reference: D-02549)
      • ENGAGE Locks Summary Report does not save search criteria (reference: D-02558)
      • Could not upgrade firmware on IO Boards from PremiSys clients (reference: D-02556)
      • In some cases when assigning (or removing) an ENGAGE lock on a card, the Card Journal would report an incorrect name of the lock (reference: D-02568)
      • Unable to add or edit an Alarm Point Group (reference: D-02578)
      • Scheduled Transaction History Report would ignore the setting for number of days to include and always report 30 days of transactions (reference: D-02487)
      • After upgrading firmware on controllers, some transactions could appear with an incorrect Transaction Type (reference: D-02527)
      • Frequent display of "Transaction Count Exceeds Preset Limit" transaction when not expected (reference: S-04058)
      • Could not convert an SCP controller to Two Reader Controller if an IO Board with Address 0 was already configured. (reference: D-02552)
      • An elevator set for floor selection mode failed to save in some situations (reference: D-02593)
      • Screen designs with a Migration ID field and CardholderExt field could fail to save CardholderExt data (reference: D-02600)
      • Improved security of service configuration files (reference: S-04402)
      • Improved error handling when parsing JSON from ENGAGE locks (reference: D-02608)

      Legal Notices

      No Liability for Consequential Damages
      In no event shall PDC IDenticard, or its suppliers, be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitations, damages for loss of business profits, interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use of or inability to use the software, even if PDC IDenticard has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

      Because some states do not allow the exclusion or limitations of consequential or incidental damages, the above limitations may not apply to you.

      Unauthorized Modification
      Never add, alter or edit any of the system databases or their tables using software applications outside of the PDC IDenticard program purchased, unless specifically instructed to do so by PDC IDenticard Technical Services staff. Adding, deleting or modifying any data, fields, tables and/or databases in any way using Microsoft® SQL or any other third-party software application will adversely affect data integrity and can render the PDC IDenticard program partially or wholly unusable.

      © 2009-2021 Brady Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved.

      PDC, IDenticard, PremiSys® and IDentiPASS™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Brady Worldwide, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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