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Rack Armor™

A patented, award-winning physical data center security system

  • Maintain maximum control over server racks
  • Identify who accesses your servers and for how long
  • Remotely lock or unlock server cabinet doors

Honorable Mention for Best in Access Control Hardware & Software — 2014 SIA New Product Showcase

Data center security is a hot topic in the security industry, especially with an increased focused on cloud computing and other data-heavy applications. Organizations are scrambling to take cyber-steps to ensure that their user data is safe. But what about the data centers themselves?

Physical server racks contain a wealth of sensitive data, but are often an afterthought when it comes to data security. Too often, organizations focus on taking digital steps and choose to leave their server racks in unlocked or completely unmonitored locations. This makes these server racks vulnerable to costly data theft. Rack Armor solves that problem.

What is Rack Armor?

Rack Armor from IDenticard is patented, innovative, award-winning data center security solution that solves this problem by giving you maximum control over your physical data centers, including monitoring who opens your server doors, tracking how long he or she accessed them and remotely locking or unlocking server cabinet doors.

Rack Armor data center security was honored by industry experts with an Honorable Mention award in the Best New Products in Access Control Hardware and Software category at ISC West 2014. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to assess your needs and bring Rack Armor’s award-winning features to your site, helping you secure your server racks and protect your data.

Rack Armor: Secure, Notify and Report

Rack Armor is more than just a lock for your server racks. This high-tech tool combines technologies like video surveillance equipment and card readers to create a comprehensive security solution that will keep your physical data centers safe from a variety of threats. Features include:

Dynamic Mapping

Ideal for large organizations with multiple data centers scattered across different locations, Rack Armor data center security’s dynamic mapping feature makes it easy to see which center your alert is coming from.

  • Rather than searching through a list of numbers or names, dynamic mapping’s clear visual cues allow you to quickly pinpoint an alarm.
  • By showing multiple locations on-screen at one time, dynamic mapping helps you keep an eye on all of your sites simultaneously.


Rack and Door Actions

Rack Armor’s helpful rack action screen allows you to quickly verify the status of your server racks, including both the front and back doors. This single screen serves as a one-stop shop for checking the status of your racks, including a link to live video feeds.

  • Helpful icons display information like whether your doors are locked or unlocked, how entry was gained and more.
  • Rack actions can be performed from this single screen, including locking, unlocking, temporarily unlocking and locking out both front and back doors.

Alarm Acknowledgement

Rack Armor data center security allows for a number of different alarm notifications to be delivered. Aside from being notified when a server rack is opened, Rack Armor can tell you how it was opened, by whom and show live video of the rack.

  • Configure the system to notify you when abnormal events happen, such as use of a mechanical key, forced entry or a latch being left open.
  • Notifications include email, local audio and indicator icons. In the event of an alarm, optional video call-up can show a live view of the rack.

Multi-party Control

For organizations seeking the maximum amount of security, multi-party control is an excellent security feature. Also known as a “two-man rule”, multi-party control requires that two cards be swiped within a ten-second time frame in order for access to be granted.

  • By requiring two cards to be swiped, multi-party control eliminates worries about a single stolen card being used to access your server racks.
  • This process provides additional accountability: with two employees present, the risk of wrongdoing or unauthorized actions decreases.

Video Integration

Rack Armor data center security can be integrated to work with an existing video surveillance system, providing an additional layer of security for your server racks. Video can be called up when a rack is opened, or can be used for review in case of tampering or other issues.

  • Place a surveillance camera at the top of your server rack, allowing you to record keystrokes on any laptop or tablet placed below.
  • Surveillance video feeds can be called up at any time, and can be programmed to appear on-screen automatically in case of an alarm.


Reports Generator

Part of monitoring your server racks is creating records of employees who access them. Rack Armor makes this easy with a robust report generator that will provide you with a detailed report covering who accessed your racks, when and what actions were performed.

  • Comprehensive reports can be filtered by cardholder name, rack name and more to allow for a detailed breakdown of rack access.
  • Rack events can be linked to included surveillance video, and reports can be exported in many common spreadsheet formats.

Add a wealth of features to Rack Armor with the PremiSys™ Security Management Dashboard

Rack Armor is compatible with IDenticard’s PremiSys Security Management Dashboard, a powerful tool that provides vital information about your access control system on a single screen.

  • Dashboard features include custom monitoring thresholds, hardware health monitoring, point activity data, graphical total alarm data and more.
  • Customers who purchase a new Rack Armor system will receive a free two-year Dashboard license.


IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to assess your site’s needs, recommend the ideal Rack Armor solution and connect you with the appropriate systems integrator to get your system up, running and secure in no time.

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