SMART Adhesive Disc (MIFARE Classic® 1K)

Item #: SD-ST
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    Product Description

    Functionality of a smart card in a small, convenient package

    Interested in the functionality of a smart card, just without that whole "card" part?

    A SMART disc is the perfect solution!

    These small, coin-sized discs perform all of the same functions as a smart card, just in a much smaller package.

    Our SMART discs contain MIFARE Classic® 1K technology, allowing the disc to be used for a variety of tasks, from opening doors to processing payments. The discs are just over an inch in diameter and are 33 mils thick, just 3 mils more than a standard ID card's thickness.

    Each disc has an adhesive back that makes it easy to secure the disc to an existing ID card, allowing you to turn a standard ID card into a smart card without having to issue new badges.

    Our stock SMART discs feature the IDenticard™ name and logo printed in a blue gradient; however, custom-printed SMART discs are available as well. To learn more about getting custom printing on your SMART discs, call customer service at 800-233-0298.

    MIFARE is a registered Trademark of NXP B. V.

    Card Dimensions 1.05" x 1.05" (27 mm x 27 mm)
    Card Material Synthetic paper
    Technology Format MIFARE Classic® 1K
    Card Thickness 33 mils
    Packaging 50 discs per pack