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Badge Holders

Protect and Display Your ID Credentials

Extend the life of your credentials by up to 5X. Hold and protect your ID cards from various forms of damage, including everyday wear-and-tear, dust, and water. Easily attach to any lanyards, badge reel or clothing.

• Flexible to rigid holders in a variety of styles, colors, and features
• Horizontal or vertical orientations with multi-card holding capabilities
• Add your logo or custom imprint to promote your brand or increase security

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Horizontal Brady Clothing-Friendly™ Clip Convention Size Badge Holder -

Flexible Horizontal Badge Holder with Clothing-Friendly™ Clip, Government Size

Item #: 304-BC


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At IDenticard, we offer ID badge holders that can be easily attached with a lanyard, badge reel, or strap clip.

• Flexible vinyl badge holders are ideal to protect credentials from cracking, bending, water damage and fading. These lightweight badge holders are available in numerous sizes and styles.
• Rigid badge holders are designed to protect electronic components within proximity and smart cards. Some also feature options that require a key or the push of a button to remove a credential to prevent theft or losing cards.
• Armband badge holders are the way to go if you work in active industries but are still required to carry som



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