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Server Based Software Solutions

Versatile and powerful, PassagePoint allows control of multiple locations from a centralized location

  • A scalable, full-service Visitor Management system
  • Integrate with databases and watch lists for maximum security
  • Optional modules bring an additional suite of features

PassagePoint from STOPware™ is a comprehensive suite of security solutions designed to offer maximum control over the Visitor Management process. PassagePoint makes it easy to record basic guest information, sign in visitors, issue name badges and track who is on the premises at all times. It is the top-of-the-line product in IDenticard’s Visitor Management offering.

PassagePoint makes complete Visitor Management easier than ever, recording who is on the property, why he or she is there and how long a visit lasts. Features like email notification upon visitor sign-in and watch lists to screen against unwelcome guests help keep your buildings secure, while the collection of visitor data allows for the creation of comprehensive reports to give you a better idea of who is visiting your buildings.

PassagePoint offers a range of Visitor Management solutions designed for organizations of different sizes, including PassagePoint Global, catered to large, worldwide organizations, and PassagePoint EDU, designed specifically for schools, colleges and universities.

Fully customizable, PassagePoint offers an in-depth solution to all Visitor Management needs.

PassagePoint Global: In-depth Visitor Management for businesses

PassagePoint Global is our most powerful and versatile Visitor Management system. It is perfect for large corporate environments or for managing visitors at multiple sites from a single location.

  • PassagePoint works with the industry’s major access control systems, is compatible with biometric scanners and can scan identification cards to make gathering a visitor’s information even easier.
  • The system’s data entry fields are fully customizable, allowing the user to add or remove fields to suit specific site needs.
  • Additional features include real-time searches against databases, email notification capabilities, visitor pre-registration, multiple registration languages and easy visitor badge printing.

PassagePoint EDU: Secure school Visitor Management

Created with specific school Visitor Management needs in mind, PassagePoint EDU has everything a school needs to welcome and manage guests while still keeping the premises safe and secure.

  • PassagePoint EDU can check visitors against imported watch lists and sexual predator databases, ensuring that prohibited guests don’t gain access to the school.
  • Student custodial information is stored and readily available upon visitor sign-in, ensuring that students are only released to an authorized individual.
  • PassagePoint EDU can pre-print badges before visiting groups arrive and store past visitor information to speed up the registration process for frequent guests.

PassagePoint modules and add-ons

Access control integration

PassagePoint can be integrated with your existing access control system to determine what areas visitors are allowed to access.

Directory link

PassagePoint can link with your existing directories to ensure that only authorized visitors are granted access to your facilities.

Pre-registration module

Customizable online check-in pages allow guests to register prior to their visit, dramatically decreasing the length of the sign-in process.


PassagePoint’s HL-7 module is ideal for hospitals , as it uses patient information to ensure visitors are directed to the right building, floor or room.

Sex offender watch list

Essential for schools, this module automatically and instantly scans all visitors against the national sex offender registry, keeping unauthorized visitors out.

PIV integration

PassagePoint can integrate with PIVCheck™ to instantly verify the authenticity of a variety of government identification credentials, including TWIC, FRAC and CAC.

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