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What Is a Visitor Management System
and Why Is It Important?

A visitor management system is an effective tool designed to welcome, process and monitor people entering your workplace or facility. It is important for organizations of all kinds and sizes as it creates a safe environment for employees by screening visitors, gives you full control over who can access your premises, and reduces waiting times for your visitors.

Keeping visitor records with a visitor management system also helps with compliance and insurance issues. If there is an emergency at your site, you can for example check the electronic data to tell exactly who was on-site when the incident occurred and inform the responsible authorities accordingly.

TIP: For more information on this topic, check out our post 4 Real-World Examples of How Visitor Management Helped Our Customers.

WhosOnLocation – Robust, Cloud-Based Visitor Management

“Who’s on location?” A question your organization can now answer effortlessly, with the help of the IDenticard cloud-based visitor management. WhosOnLocation is highly customizable, making it ideal even for those with complex security needs.

This software enables you to set and adjust visitor policies and restrictions, pre-register visitors, see who is due on site, view live reports and quickly print visitor badges.

PassagePoint – Scalable, Server-Based Visitor Management

With PassagePoint, the server-based, versatile and powerful visitor management system, you will get a range of solutions designed for organizations of different sizes. PassagePoint Global is intended for large, worldwide institutions, while PassagePoint EDU is optimal for schools, colleges and universities.

Versatile and powerful, PassagePoint allows for centralized control of multiple locations. A scalable, full-service system, it integrates with databases and watch lists for maximum security.

Expiring and Non-Expiring Visitor Badges for Effective Identification

As a perfect addition to your visitor management system, we suggest browsing through our high-quality supplies and accessories, including expiring and non-expiring visitor management badges, visitor badge printers, and TEMPbadge Log Books.

Visitor Management Blog - Tips From Our Experts

Read about best practices, tips, trends, and special features for businesses, schools, healthcare facilities and more in our visitor management blog articles.

TIP: Do you have questions about a specific visitor management system, want to understand how it works or how to integrate it into your facility? Get in touch with our experienced IDenticard visitor management experts.

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