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About IDenticard

At IDenticard, our goal is to provide organizations with the solutions necessary to identify and secure their people and premises.

I’ve been working with IDenticard for 12 years and I would never consider changing. Our patients and staff rely on us for security, and we rely on IDenticard. Security Manager at a major Massachusetts hospital

Founded in 1970 as a photo ID seller, IDenticard is now part of the ID and security products division of Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC), a billion dollar manufacturer and marketer of a variety of identification and workplace safety products. Our relationship with Brady Corp. means we always keep the Brady Values in mind when doing business. It also allows us to produce the majority of the goods we sell, as many of our products are manufactured at our own factories.

Based in Pennsylvania and with offices in Massachusetts and Ontario, we are an international company focused on providing top-notch products, support and service to our customers. We use an international team of sales associates, solutions specialists, dealers, system integrators and installers to connect you with someone in your area, providing a personal touch to each transaction.

IDenticard serves tens of thousands of customers around the world in a number of different markets and industries. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, K-12 schools , colleges and universities, medical centers, factories and local, state and federal government agencies and offices.


At IDenticard, we don’t just push products. Instead, our staff will work with you to create personalized solutions to your identification and security needs, including needs assessments, consultations, security appraisals and more. Our relationship with our customers doesn’t end when a sale is closed; it’s just beginning. We will continue to offer technical support and services, frequent software updates and more.

We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of trends in the identification and access control industries. Innovation is our goal, and it shows: we hold a number of patents for our products and solutions. Our TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges use patented migrating ink technology, and our access control solutions, including Rack Armor™ and PremiSys™, have been honored in multiple industry showcases and won several innovation awards.

Because we combine own-brand manufactured goods and best-in-class products from other manufacturers with top-notch customer service and support, we’re confident that we have an identification and security solution for you. From ID cards and badge holders to Visitor Management software and expiring visitor badges, IDenticard has you covered.

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