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Badge Holders: Protect and Display ID Credentials

Hold and protect your ID card from various forms of damage, including everyday wear-and-tear, dust, and water to extend the life of your credentials. Badge holders are of use in a variety of situations, from carrying employee badges and school IDs to displaying name tags at a convention.

ID Badge Holder Sizes: An ID card holder is available in different sizes. In our online shop, you can easily filter the products by the size for credit cards, event cards and ID cards. TIP: As a perfect addition to your badge ID holder, we recommend our high-quality ID cards and badges.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Badge Holders: When deciding on the optimal ID card holder, there is another important aspect to consider – the orientation. Should your badge holder be horizontal or vertical? Either way, at IDenticard you will find what you are looking for. TIP: We also included eye-catching colored badge holders into our online shop.

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Adjustable Elastic Arm Band Strap

Adjustable Elastic Arm Band Strap

Item #: 1840-7201
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Neon Orange

IDenticard Badge Holders

At IDenticard, we offer ID badge holders that can be easily attached with a lanyard, badge reel, or strap clip.

  • Flexible vinyl badge holders are ideal to protect credentials from cracking, bending, water damage and fading. These lightweight badge holders are available in numerous sizes and styles. 
  • Rigid badge holders are designed to protect electronic components within proximity and smart cards. Some also feature options that require a key or the push of a button to remove a credential to prevent theft or losing cards.
  • Armband badge holders are the way to go if you work in active industries but are still required to carry some form of identification.


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