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ID Badge Holders

Protect and Display Your ID Credentials

Extend the life of your ID cards by up to five times by protecting them from damage, including everyday wear-and-tear, dust, and water. Easily attach to any lanyards, badge reel or clothing to always have within reach.

• Flexible and rigid badge holders in various styles, colors and sizes
• Horizontal or vertical orientation with multi-card holding capabilities
• Add your logo or custom imprint to promote your brand or increase security

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Flexible Pocket Protector Badge Holder, Credit Card Size
Flexible Pocket Protector Badge Holder, Credit Card Size
Item #: PPL635-GT


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What Are ID Badge Holders and Who Uses Them?

ID badge holders are designed to display your credentials and protect them from damage. They’re made of durable materials and come in different designs as well as orientations (vertical, horizontal).

Whether you’re an employee at an organization or a nurse – a badge holder has become a popular accessory in many industries and institutions, such as hospitals, government agencies, corporate offices, universities or factories. They’re also an eye-catcher at conventions, trade shows, and conferences.


How Can an ID Badge Holder Help Your Business?

Here’s how your business can benefit from ID badge holders:

    1. You save money: If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to standard name tags, badge holders are the ideal solution for your organization.
      1. You improve the security of your organization: With name badge holders you can always keep an eye on who enters your facility and make it easier for your security staff to identify employees.
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