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Badge Reels

Conveniently Secure & Access Your ID Credentials

Badge reels have a retractable cord that allows users to easily access their ID card and scan it with readers for access control, time keep and identification.  Customize badge reels online. Customize badge reels online.

Durable and withstands rigors of daily use
Twist-free options ensure your badge or card is always forward-facing for added security
Stretches up to 36” for easy access

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B REEL® Twist-Free Badge Reel with Swivel Clip -
Best Seller

B∙Reel®Twist-Free ID Retractable Badge Reel with Swivel Clip, Front Facing

Item #: 2120-8001
Metallic Blue
Metallic Gray
B REEL® Twist-Free Badge Reel, Swivel Clip with Teeth, Pack of 100 -
Best Seller

B∙Reel®Twist-Free Retractable Badge Reel, Swivel Clip with Teeth (Pack of 100)

Item #: 2120-7801-100PK

Custom Badge Reels

Explore our 3D Tool DESIGN YOUR OWN
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What Are Badge Reels Used for?

Badge reels make it possible to safely display credentials in various business environments and comfortably reach your access cards, ID cards, keys or tools.

Badge reels are a popular solution in many professions and areas of business, including healthcare workers, teachers, security guards, retail staff, corporate employees and much more.

Here are the benefits of issuing retractable badge reels to employees:
Your staff will be less likely to forget their ID cards
ID cards will last longer as they are not being kept in a wallet or purse where they can be damaged
Increase the security on your premises as the cards are less likely to be lost or misused
Employees save time swiping or scanning ID cards because they are always within reach



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