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ID Lanyards

Keep Your ID Credentials Accessible

Lanyards help you prevent lost ID cards, while ensuring your identification credentials are visible at all times.   We carry a wide variety of in-stock lanyards that ship quickly. Customize lanyards online to promote your brand or message.

Promote your brand while keeping ID at hand
Breakaway feature for added safety
Variety of styles, colors and end-fittings to find your perfect match

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    5/8" Pre-Printed "TEMPORARY" Lanyard -

    5/8" Pre-Printed "TEMPORARY" Lanyard

    Item #: 2138-5225
    5/8" Pre-Printed "CONTRACTOR" Lanyard -

    5/8" Pre-Printed "CONTRACTOR" Lanyard

    Item #: 2138-5215
    5/8" Stars & Stripes Lanyard -

    5/8" Stars & Stripes Lanyard

    Item #: 2138-5081
    Tub-O-Lanyards -


    Item #: LANS50
    1/8" Cord Open-Ended Lanyard -

    1/8" Cord Open-Ended Lanyard

    Item #: NL-72S-BLK

    Lanyard Customizer

    Explore our 3D Tool CUSTOMIZE LANYARDS
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    Lanyard Finder

    What Are Lanyards Used for?

    Lanyards are known for their many benefits and are a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

    Here's why:

    1. They improve security: Lanyards can help you quickly identify the people entering your premises and monitor who is authorized to access certain areas of a building.

    2. They save you time: By attaching your ID badge to a lanyard, you always have it properly displayed and immediately at hand when you need to present or scan it.

    3. They promote your brand: Custom ID lanyards with your company logo, text or a special design are a real eye-catcher at various events, conferences etc.

    4. They make employees feel connected: Customized lanyards can contribute to your employees' well-being and productivity as they project a sense of unity and belonging at the workplace.

    Where Are ID Lanyards Used?

    ID lanyards are used in many industries and institutions:

    • Schools

    • Retail stores

    • Factories

    • Banks

    • Corporate offices

    • Hospitals & healthcare facilities

    • Government & law enforc



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