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Custom Products

Quality custom lanyards, badge reels, Badge Buddies and more

  • Add your logo, text or artwork to a variety of our products
  • Many custom products can be designed in our online store
  • Excellent for giveaways, promotions, brand enhancement and more

Custom identification products can be used in a variety of situations. Custom lanyards are an excellent way to show school pride on a college campus. A custom badge reel keeps your company’s logo ever-present when the wearer reaches for his or her keys or attached card. Custom Badge Buddies help identify personnel as accurately as possible.

At IDenticard, we take pride in our offering of custom products. We feel that our collection of custom products can not only stand up to any other supplier in the industry, but can surpass any supplier in options and quality.

Because we manufacture the majority of our products in our own factories, we also are able to do the majority of our own customization. This means that when you order a custom lanyard or badge reel from IDenticard, it’ll be printed, packaged and shipped at one of our factories in China or North America. These are our employees handling your products, not some middlemen. With IDenticard, you’ll know that your custom goods are being handled with care from start to finish, and that your digital property, like logos and trademarks, will be treated with confidentiality.


TRUECOLOR digital printing: Custom products are sharper and more detailed than ever!

Select custom rigid badge holders and badge reels are now better than ever, thanks to TRUECOLOR digital printing. This new print process uses four color ink cartridges to print directly on the surface of our products, allowing for full-color customization.

TRUECOLOR digital printing allows us to do full-color customization on products that were previously limited to a one- or two-color process, leading to more professional, attention-getting custom products. TRUECOLOR custom products are perfect for marketing and promotions, giveaways, corporate brand enhancement and more.

Custom lanyards: Perfect for colleges and universities, promotions and more

Lanyards are a popular identification accessory, and custom lanyards combine the convenience of a lanyard with the added bonus of displaying an organization’s logo or text for brand enhancement.

We offer a best-in-class Design Your Own Lanyard tool that allows you to create a unique, branded card-carrying solution from the comfort of your home! This innovative tool was built with our customers in mind to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

  • Options: The custom lanyard tool allows you to create a near limitless number of unique lanyards. Choose from several different materials, dozens of colors, a variety of end fittings and many different options, like a safety breakaway or a detachable end fitting.
  • Custom imagery & text: The tool allows you to upload your artwork and edit the lanyard text as you see fit. Choose your spacing and print size, font and more. Make it uniquely yours!
  • Instant proofing: Our tool allows you to view a proof of your lanyard on-screen immediately — no waiting hours or days for an email proof! All designs will be reviewed by a professional designer to ensure maximum quality, but you’ll know what you’re getting as soon as you finish.
  • Quality: We manufacture and customize our own lanyards. This allows us to keep an eye on the entire customization process, ensuring consistent quality. From proof to delivery, we monitor our customization processes to ensure you’re happy with your finished goods.

Custom badge reels: Keep your logo present whenever a card is scanned or keys are used

Badge reels are an excellent way to keep an ID card or keys handy and ready for use. Badge reels are usually worn on a pocket or belt, meaning they are visible frequently. This makes badge reels an excellent custom product: your logo or graphic will be visible when the reel is worn, and the user will see your logo each time he or she looks down to grab the attached item.We manufacture the majority of the badge reels we sell, allowing us to guarantee quality custom reels, every time.

  • Choice: Custom badge reels are available in several different styles, with different end fittings, attachment types and customization options.
  • Variable text: You can now get different lines of text printed on each of your custom badge reels. Add employee names or titles, years of service, employee accolades and more. Variable text is limited to two lines, and is available on all custom badge reels that have a dome or flat label. The custom graphic must remain the same on each reel.
  • TRUECOLOR: TRUECOLOR customization is available on select carabiner badge reels for higher-quality customization. However, non-TRUECOLOR customization is available on additional reels and still provides quality custom graphics.
  • Design online: Our online design your own badge reels tool makes it simple to create quality custom reels. Choose your style, color, end fitting and more. From there, all you need to do is upload your own artwork, view a proof and order!

Custom badge holders: Now available with full-color customization for added professionalism

Badge holders are an excellent way to both display and protect an ID credential, making them popular for use at offices, trade shows, conventions and more. Adding a logo to these holders makes them an excellent way to promote one’s brand or organization: every time someone looks at the holder to identify its wearer, there’s your logo! IDenticard offers a variety of custom badge holders, from one-color flexible vinyl holders to full-color TRUECOLOR rigid badge holders.

  • Choice: IDenticard’s offering of badge holders is broad, including flexible vinyl, rigid plastic, locking card cases, credential wallets and more. Customization options vary based on the type of holder, but nearly all holders can be customized with a logo, graphic or line of text of some kind.
  • TRUECOLOR: Select rigid card holders can be customized using our TRUECOLOR digital printing method. This new customization option type offers full-color customization, leading to attention-getting custom graphics. The process will be available on additional products in the coming weeks.
  • Professional assistance: While custom badge holders can’t be designed online, our customer service team will work with you to create custom badge holders of the highest quality. From proofing to shipping, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive quality custom goods.


Custom Badge Buddies: Design your own role-recognition cards online

Badge Buddies are a popular card accessory in hospitals, doctors’ offices and other healthcare settings. In some cases, Badge Buddies can be used to satisfy government-imposed ID regulations. While IDenticard offers a variety of stock Badge Buddies with common titles, some organizations will want to design their own. Our online design your own Badge Buddies tool makes it easy to do just that!

  • Flexibility: Custom Badge Buddies are available in both horizontal and vertical orientations. They can be designed with unique colors, text and even a graphic or logo! Custom designs can be printed on one or both sides of the Badge Buddy.
  • Design online: Our online design your own Badge Buddies tool makes it easy to create unique Badge Buddies for your site. Choose your orientation, background color, text and more. Custom Badge Buddies can be ordered in units of 50, making it easy to get the unique Badge Buddies you need.
  • Clear: Custom Badge Buddies are now available with a difference you can see: clear! We added clear custom Badge Buddies to our offering in order to help customers who print on both sides of their ID credential. With clear custom Badge Buddies, the information printed on your ID credential will be visible, even if the Badge Buddy and card are facing the wrong way.

Custom ID cards: Let us help you design and print the perfect credential

ID cards remain the most effective way to identify employees, volunteers and other frequent visitors to sites of all kinds. While many organizations know they need ID cards, some don’t know where to begin. IDenticard can help: our Premium Badging Service allows you to work with us to bring your ID card to life, from conception to printing. Our Premium Badging Service is perfect for custom student ID cards, custom government ID credentials, custom employee ID cards and more.

  • Options: IDenticard offers a variety of different ID cards, from standard PVC cards to cards with magnetic stripes or internal technology. We will work with you to determine the kind of card that best meets your needs.
  • Professional service: Our design team will work with you to make sure your custom logo or graphic is as realistic as possible. With IDenticard’s Premium Badging Service, you can be sure that you’re getting professional credentials.
  • Secure: With ID cards come concerns about counterfeiting. IDenticard allows you to stay a step ahead of scammers with our variety of card security features. From holographic foils to UV stamping, we can make it so your card is as difficult to counterfeit as possible.
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