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Premium Badging Service

Let us create a professional card for you

  • Cards will be designed to suit your needs
  • Embedded security features are available
  • Cards are made at our factory in Milwaukee

A custom-designed ID badge or card can be a big difference maker for an organization. Custom credentials lend a professional look to any work site, and having a custom card increases security by making counterfeiting ID badges more difficult. However, customizing an ID badge or card can be a challenge. Fortunately, IDenticard is here to help.

Our Premium Badging Service offers the creation of high-quality, professionally designed ID cards and badges that will be tailored to your specific needs. We can include your logos or other artwork, a custom card background design, security features, a magnetic stripe or bar code and more. After sending out a proof for your approval, we will print the cards in our Milwaukee factory and send them out to you. All you have to do on-site is add in the variable information with a PVC or inkjet printer!

The IDenticard difference

At IDenticard, we specialize in custom products. From custom badge reels to custom lanyards, our design team has a wealth of experience bringing user logos and artwork to life on our products. As an ID card manufacturer, we take pride in creating custom ID cards of the highest possible quality, and provide that quality with unmatched customer service. IDenticard’s Premium Badging Service goes above and beyond other card suppliers in a number of ways:

  • Professional design: Our graphics department has years of experience creating high-quality custom products for organizations of all sizes. Our team will ensure that your card design is professional, eye-catching and suitable for your needs. From standard cards with a simple logo to more complex cards with full-color backgrounds, our professional design team will provide you with a great credential.
  • Wealth of options: Our Premium Design Service can be applied to a number of different cards, including JetPROX™, IDentiPROX™ and JetPAK™ cards. This versatility means you’re not stuck choosing between the card you need and the design you want: we’ll provide you with the professional, custom-designed PVC or synthetic paper card you need.
  • Security features available: As a security company, IDenticard is dedicated to preventing our cards from counterfeiting and fraudulent use. The easiest way to do this is by offering a suit of factory-printed card security features, including IDentiGUARD™ holographic stamping, UV text, MicroText and more. Security features are customizable as well, providing further protection.
  • Domestic production: The majority of IDenticard’s cards and badges are made at our factory in Milwaukee, which is also where custom printing is done. Because our factory is in the United States, we’re able to get your custom credentials to you more quickly than operations based overseas.

Let us print your ID cards and badges today!

IDenticard’s team of sales solutions specialists and graphic designers are ready to help your bring your custom ID badge to life. If you’re interested in learning more about creating custom credentials for your organization, please contact us to learn more.

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