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Healthcare ID regulations have come to Pennsylvania

What PA Bill 1482 (2010) means for your organization

  • Applies to all direct patient care workers
  • ID must meet specific requirements, including name and title
  • The HB 1482 compliance deadline was June 1, 2015

IDenticard keeps close tabs on state and federal healthcare regulations to ensure that our customers are always up to the latest standards. As a business based in Lancaster, PA, we have paid special attention to Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 (2010), which went into full effect on June 1, 2015.

What is Pennsylvania House Bill 1482 (2010)?

PA Bill 1482 requires all healthcare employees to wear an employee badges or identification card while working. The bill specifies that all healthcare providers clearly identify themselves to their patients both at hospitals and at external sites. This bill was signed into law in 2010, with interim regulations going to effect immediately. The deadline for full compliance passed on June 1, 2015, meaning all facilities must now follow HB 1482’s requirements.

The bill specifies that employee identification credentials must meet certain requirements to be considered compliant with the new regulations. The bill requires that healthcare workers inside and outside of healthcare facilities must wear an ID badge that meets the following requirements:

  • A recent photograph of the employee, updated every four years
  • The employee’s full name
  • The employee’s title
  • The name of the healthcare facility, organization or employment agency

The bill further specifies the requirements for displaying an employee’s title on his or her badge. According to the bill, the title must:

  • “Be as large as possible in block type”
  • “Occupy a one-half inch tall strip as close as practicable to the bottom edge of the badge”
  • Use specific titles for positions: “Physician” for a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy, “Registered Nurse” for a registered nurse and “Licensed Practical Nurse” for a licensed practical nurse
  • Additional titles, like x-ray technician or lab technician, can be determined by department

How can my organization become compliant?

Our identification specialists are familiar with HB 1482 and will work with you to determine what solutions best suit your organization’s needs. With a solution from IDenticard, your employees will be clearly identified. This clear identification will help increase security, create a better experience for patients and their families and get your organization compliant with PA Bill 1482.

Oversized cards can fit all of the information HB 1482 requires

For those seeking a new identification solution to become compliant with HB 1482, IDenticard offers multiple solutions. Our JetPak and JetProx cards are available in sizes larger than standard identification cards. The larger printing area allows for the inclusion of the employee title strip, satisfying HB 1482’s requirements.

  • JetPak cards are synthetic paper cards that can be customized using a standard inkjet printer. JetPaks are available in custom sizes and shapes, making it easy to create a JetPak solution with enough space to be compliant with HB 1482. JetPaks can be customized to feature a barcode or magnetic stripe for use with payments or access.
  • For facilities that need a proximity card to go along with an identification card, JetProx is the perfect solution. JetProx cards are proximity cards that can be customized using an inkjet printer. The largest size of JetProx has the space necessary for an employee’s photo, name, title and organization name, while JetProx’s built-in prox chip allows the card to be used to open doors as well.

Badge Buddies satisfy HB 1482’s title requirement for outside employees

For facilities with an existing identification card solution that only need to satisfy HB 1482’s employee title requirement, Badge Buddies from IDenticard are an excellent choice. Badge Buddies are made of durable synthetic paper and hang behind an existing badge to create a complete solution that is compliant with PA HB 1482.

  • Badge Buddies feature large type and bold colors along with pre-printed titles like “RN”, “LPN” and “Physician.”
  • Create unique Badge Buddies that suit your specific needs using IDenticard’s Design Your Own Badge Buddies tool.
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