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Visitor Management

Discover the comprehensive visitor management solution from IDenticard and increase the safety at your organization.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor Management is the practice of welcoming, processing and monitoring guests at worksites or other facilities. The complexity of a visitor management solution depends largely on the organizations’ safety standards – while for some it’s enough to simply collect the visitor’s name, other might require employee escorts, legal documents, badges etc.

Why is Visitor Management important?

Visitor management is important for facilities of all types and sizes because it:

  • Improves the safety at your workplace
  • Ensures you have control over who enters your premises
  • Makes a good and professional first impression on visitors

Moreover, with a visitor management system you can collect visitor data while staying compliant with the changing privacy regulations.

An infographic displaying three reasons why visitor management is important

Who Needs Visitor Management?

Visitor management is a vital solution for the below organizations:

  • Hospitals
  • Large corporation and Fortune 500 companies
  • Universities and schools
  • Kindergartens and nurseries
  • Construction companies
  • Retirement or senior living facilities
Let’s take a look at some examples how visitor management can be put into practice.

    Visitor Management for Workplace Safety Visitor Management for Secure Schools Visitor Management for Child Safety

    Visitor management is extremely useful in professional settings. Many corporate offices welcome numerous visitors on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep track of individual guests.

    A high-quality visitor management solution can help a company:

    • Manage various facilities from a central location
    • Import lists of prohibited guests (watch-lists)
    • Include safety waivers and NDAs upon sign-in
    • Check vaccination status or monitor negative COVID-19 test results
    In schools, creating a safe learning environment for children is top priority. Visitor management is essential in preventing school violence by:
    • Processing guests at the entrance to ensure they are allowed to be on-site before they gain access to the building
    • Scanning visitors against pre-installed “watch lists”
    • Integrating with student information systems to confirm a visitor is really there to see a student
    Tip: We recommend combining visitor management with an access control system like PremiSys, which allows you to lock doors with the press of a button.
    Many visitor management solutions are designed with child safety in mind, making it ideal for kindergartens, nurseries & preschools. They offer features such as:
    • Downloading and monitoring sexual predator registries
    • Importing custody lists to ensure a child is only released to the appropriate parent or guardian.

      What Is a Visitor Management System?

      Visitor management systems are tools used to process, welcome and monitor guests in facilities. At the most basic level, visitor management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises. More advanced software can also:
      • Track when guests arrive
      • Limit where they are allowed to go
      • Control the length of their stay
      • Screen them against publicly available background data etc.
      Simply put, visitor management systems give you maximum control over who accesses your facility, a key aspect to keeping it as well as your employees safe.

      Visitor Management Check in at an office reception desk

      How IDenticard Visitor Management Solutions Can Help You (Key Benefits)

      A visitor management system from IDenticard will help you efficiently and professionally welcome your guests while maintaining control over who gets in. You can choose among the following solutions.
      • WhosOnLocation is an innovative cloud-based visitor management tool
      • PassagePoint is a fully customizable, in-depth solution for all visitor management requirements.
      • Visitor management badges are the ideal addition to your visitor management system. At IDenticard, you can order expiring or non-expiring badges
      Tip: The best way to print visitor management badges is with a high-quality visitor badge printer.
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