Cleaning Kit (All Zebra Models)

Item #: ZBR-105909-169
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Product Description

This helpful cleaning kit from Zebra contains a number of supplies that will keep your PVC ID card printer in optimal shape. Included in the kit are 50 cleaning cards and 24 cleaning swabs. Each product is designed to be used for routine maintenance and cleaning of your Zebra card printer.

Printheads can become dirty over time, leading to the degradation of print quality. Other moving parts in your printer, including transport rollers and magnetic stripe encoders, can accumulate dust and dirt over time as well. The cleaning cards are used to pull dirt, dust, color residue and other debris off of various parts of your printer, ensuring that you continue to create quality ID cards and badges. The cleaning swabs can be used for spot cleaning, making them an excellent solution for quick printer cleanings and touch-ups.

These supplies can be used on any Zebra printers, including the P Series, the ZXP Series, the ZXP Series 3, the ZXP Series 7 and the ZXP Series 8.

Mfg Part Number 105909-169
Printer Brand Zebra
Printer Model P205,P310F,P310F,P310i,P320i,P330i,P330m,P420i,P430i,P520i,P620,P640i,P720i
Printer Supply 1037
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Ribbon Prints -
Printer Supplies Quantity -
Printer Supplies Weight 1