Mini-Bak Badge Reel with Clear Vinyl Strap and Slide Clip

Item #: 505-MB-RBLU
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 25.
    Product Description

    This badge reel is the classic way to hold your slotted ID cards while still having the length. The slide clip allows for easy attachment to clothes such as shirts and belts.

    • Cord measures 36"
    • Minimum quantity of 25

    This round, retractable badge reel features a clear vinyl strap to attach to your ID card and a belt clip to attach the reel to a person. Choose the color that best matches your needs. If you want to showcase your brand or promote an event, try our easy-to-use Badge Reel Customizer to design your own badge reel.

    End FittingClear Vinyl Strap
    Clip Type Slide Belt Clip
    MaterialPlastic ABS
    Length36" (915mm)
    Reel Diameter N/A