TIMEtoken Expiring Visitor Badge FRONT - Pre-Printed Title (Box of 1000)

Item #: T6419
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Product Description

These TIMEtoken badge fronts come pre-printed with "Visitor" or "Contractor." They pair with TIMEtoken badge backs to form a full expiring visitor badge solution, expiring after a Half-Day, 1-Day, or 7-Day use.

BOX OF 1000 TOKEN BADGE FRONTS - Half-Day, 1-Day, or 7-Day Expiration 

This TIMEtoken badge front is not a full solution. A compatible TIMEtoken badge back is required for use.

Our TIMEtoken technology pairs this badge front with a compatible badge back for a Half-Day, 1-Day, or 7-Day expiring solution. Using expiring ink technology, a pattern (the pattern depends on the chosen badge back) will show after the expiration period is up. 

Inventory StatusStock
TypeTIMEtoken Expiring Badge Front
Badge PartTIMEtoken Badge Front
Unit of MeasureBox of 1000 Badge Fronts
PackagingFan folded in a box
Expiration TimeframeHalf-Day, 1-Day, 7-Day Options
Expiration PatternBased on Badge Back
Size15/16" x 1 15/16"
Personalization typeN/A
Attachment TypeBased on Badge Back
Weight/Box (lbs)2
Pre-Printed TitleYes ("Visitor," “Contractor”)