Flexible Adhesive-Back Badge Holder for Event Credentials, Government Size

Item #: CE-4P
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    Product Description

    These adhesive-backed holders allow you to reuse event credentials. Print attendee names and other information on paper inserts, then attach those inserts to credentials using these convenient holders. Once your event is over, you can peel off the adhesive holder containing the name insert and reuse your more expensive plastic credential.

    Design Type Flexible
    Thickness .015"
    Insert SizeGovernment
    Material Vinyl
    Capacity Single-card
    Outer Dimensions3.39" x 4.33"
    Insert Dimensions3" x 4"
    Extraction Type Manual
    Load TypeTop
    AttachmentAdhesive Back
    Color Clear
    Clothing-friendly No
    Resealable closure No
    Locking card case No
    Anti-print transfer No
    Shielded for identity protection No
    Eco-friendly No
    ImprintableYes, Contact Us