RN Badge Buddy

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    Product Description

    With Badge Buddies, it's easy for your patients to identify your registered nurses. These Badge Buddies for nurses feature a bold blue or red colored bar and white "RN" text, allowing both patients and staff to see (at a quick glance) that a person is a registered nurse.

    By issuing Badge Buddies to your registered nurses, you're cutting down on the confusion that can arise in a busy healthcare setting, thereby reducing anxiety for your patients.

    • Horizontal, measuring 3.38" x 3.09"
    • Vertical, measuring 2.13" x 4.50"
    • For credit card-sized/CR80 ID cards only
    • Made of durable synthetic paper. Laminated as well.
    • Blue or red color bar with printed "RN"
    Card Material Synthetic paper
    Card Dimensions 

    Horizontal: 3.38" x 3.09" 

    Vertical: 2.13" x 4.50"

    Bar Color Blue or Red
    Orientation Horizontal, Vertical 
    Card Thickness 30 mils
    Printed Text RN
    Weight 0.01
    Packaging 25 Badge Buddies per pack