YMCFK Printer Ribbon (Fargo HDP5000, 500 Imprints)

Item #: FAR-084061
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Product Description

This printer ribbon from Fargo features full-color printing with an added bonus: a fluorescent panel that enables users to print hidden security features on their badges and cards. Each ribbon features 500 imprints.

The ribbon features individual panels of yellow, magenta, cyan, black and a fluorescent panel. The ribbon can create full-color credentials with sharp black text, while the fluorescent panel can print text or images that only appear under ultraviolet light. This serves as a hidden security feature, making it difficult for cards to be counterfeited.

This ribbon can be used to create secure hospital ID cards, student ID cards and government ID credentials.

Mfg Part Number 084061
Printer Brand HID Fargo
Printer Model HDP5000,HDP5000 (2013)
Printer Supply 1570
Ribbon Configuration YMCFK
Ribbon Prints 500 prints
Printer Supplies Quantity -
Printer Supplies Weight 0.5