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IDentiPROX™ Clamshell Cards: Quickly Get Affordable Prox Cards

IDenticard™, a leader in innovative identification cards and accessories, announces a new option for those seeking affordable proximity cards: IDentiPROX™ clamshell cards.

IDentiPROX clamshell cards are the latest addition to the IDentiPROX line, which also features affordable standard IDentiPROX PVC proximity cards that can be customized with a PVC printer. IDentiPROX clamshell cards are IDenticard's own product, shipped from our Milwaukee distribution center.

These clamshell cards are ideal for customers seeking an affordable proximity card option. IDentiPROX clamshell cards are available in multiple bit formats and are compatible with many HID®-brand proximity card readers, meaning that in many cases, they can directly replace HID® proximity cards at a lower price.

IDentiPROX clamshell cards are made of durable ABS plastic, making them ideal for use in active settings like factories and industrial sites. Thicker than standard proximity cards, IDentiPROX clamshell cards will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use.

Because IDentiPROX clamshell cards are shipped from our distribution center in Milwaukee, we are able to get your cards out to you quickly. Instead of waiting weeks for prox cards from big-name distributors, IDenticard can get orders of 1,000 cards or fewer out in just 48 hours!

While the cards can't be customized with a standard PVC printer, IDentiPROX clamshell cards can be customized by using printable stickyback cards. These adhesive liners feature an added benefit: they can be peeled off, allowing cards to be reissued as needed.

All IDentiPROX clamshell cards come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects. Contact us today to learn how making the switch to IDentiPROX clamshells will benefit your organization.

IDenticard has been a leader in the manufacturing of identification and security products for more than 40 years. A division of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC) with offices in both the United States and Canada, IDenticard is proud to serve over 22,000 customers around the world, including federal agencies, hospitals, universities and multiple Fortune 500 companies. IDenticard's mission is to offer unparalleled sales, service and support to all of our customers.

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