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UBand­™ Prox: The New Wearable Access Credential from IDenticard™

Lancaster, PA (February 24, 2015) — IDenticard, a leading provider of identification, access control and security solutions, today announced the release of UBand Prox, the latest product in its innovative line of wearable access credentials.

UBand Prox is a silicone wristband containing an internal proximity chip that allows the wristband to perform the same functions as a standard proximity card. UBand Prox is available in the most common proximity technology formats, including 26 bit, 35 bit and 37 bit.

UBand Prox is also compatible with a number of HID® proximity formats, meaning it can serve as a direct replacement for many HID® proximity cards. With UBand Prox, the days of scrambling to find an access card are over. UBand Prox allows you to slip on a wristband, wave it in front of a card reader and go - it’s that simple!

Organizations of all types will find UBand Prox to be a useful solution. Gym and fitness center members will appreciate UBand Prox’s comfortable, attention-getting design and sweatproof silicone construction when using it to access facilities. Delivery personnel will be able to access doors that require a scanned card without putting their packages down, making fumbles and drops a thing of the past.

“UBand Prox makes proximity-based access easier, giving it a broad appeal,” said Katelynd Boles, IDenticard’s Product Manager for Cards and Credentials. “Any organization currently using or seeking a new proximity solution will benefit from UBand Prox’s durability, ease of use and innovative design.”

Each wristband is approximately the width of a standard rubber band, while the internal chip is less than 4 mm thick and 20 cm in diameter. The band sits comfortably on the wrist and can be put on or taken off with ease. UBand Prox is available in two in-stock colors (black or blue) and three wrist circumference sizes (6”, 7” and 8”), meaning there is a UBand Prox to suit most needs. Custom colors or graphics are available upon request.

UBand Prox is a unique, novel approach to proximity access control. Bring your proximity access program into the future with a wearable prox solution from IDenticard.

For more information on UBand, please contact your Sales Solutions Specialist or IDenticard Customer Service at 800-233-0298.

IDenticard has been a leader in the manufacturing of identification and security products for more than 40 years. A division of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC) with offices in both the United States and Canada, IDenticard is proud to serve over 22,000 customers around the world, including federal agencies, hospitals, universities and multiple Fortune 500 companies. IDenticard’s mission is to offer unparalleled sales, service and support to all of our customers.

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