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Custom Badge Reels

Display Your Credentials While Showcasing Your Brand

Customize your badge reels online in just a few simple clicks. Add your organization’s logo, brand and/ or text to make a badge reel that’s unique to your company.

Boost branding and enhance your ID credential program
Save time accessing and scanning ID cards


• Add your company’s brand or logo to your ID credential solution
• Make sure your employees always have their credentials properly displayed and within reach
• Securely attach badges to clothes
• Save time accessing and scanning ID cards
• Increase security

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    Custom Economy Circle Badge Reels -
    Best Seller
    Custom Economy Circle Badge Reels
    Item #: Y4157128
    Custom Carabiner Badge Reels -
    Best Seller
    Custom Carabiner Badge Reels
    Item #: Y4157128
    Custom Economy Square Badge Reels -
    Custom Economy Square Badge Reels
    Item #: Y4157128

    Custom Badge Reels – Choose Your Style

    Custom badge reels are an ideal promotional product that puts your brand or message into daily use by hundreds of employees. They’re perfect for nurses, doctors, teachers, security guards, factory workers, corporate employees and many more professions.

    At IDenticard, you can choose among different styles of personalized badge reels.

    Custom Round Badge Reel

    This round custom ID badge reel with a metal clip can be effortlessly hooked on belts, scrubs, bag straps, and other pieces of clothing. Thanks to its twist-free feature you don’t have to worry that your ID cards might be facing the wrong way – ever.

    Custom Square Badge Reel

    If you want something more stylish, opt for our twist-free square custom badge reels available in many elegant colors. Easily attach your badges to the clear vinyl strap and save valuable minutes swiping them due to the durable retractable 36" cord.

    Custom Carabiner Badge Reel

    Tip: Are you looking for the optimal ID badge reels for your medical staff? The B REEL® badge reel with a unique front-loading design ensures that the credentials will always face front, and you can get them customized by contacting us over the phone. While the non-magnetic badge reel is perfect for use around MRI machines. Discover all their unique features to enhance your department.

    How to Make Custom Badge Reels (in 5 Simple Steps)

    The time has come to get creative and decorate your ID badge reels with our state-of-the-art customization tool:

    • 1. Select the badge reel that best fits your needs
    • 2. Click on “Customize”
    • 3. Choose a color and add a text, image or custom design to your retractable badge reel
    • 4. When you’re happy with the look of your personalized badge reel, click on “Add to Cart”
    • 5. Complete your order

    Custom Badge Reels – Order in Bulk at IDenticard

    Whether for a retail worker or a nurse – personalized badge reels will benefit everyone, and prevent credentials from getting lost or misplaced.

    Are you unsure which custom badge reel is the right one for your needs or need additional specifications about a product? Contact our IDenticard experts, we’re looking forward to helping you out!

    Tip: Interested in complementing your custom retractable badge reels with other high-quality products? Learn more about our blank badge reels, badge holders and lanyards.

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