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Keep an eye on who enters the premises of your facility with the help of a high-quality visitor badges. Whether in schools, hospitals, government buildings or offices, security should always be top priority.

Our TEMPbadge™ expiring badges and other expiring identification products are made with patented technology designed to provide a visual indicator when a badge is no longer valid. They prevent guests from overstaying their welcome, increasing security on site.

What Is a Visitor Badge?

Visitor badges are commonly used by businesses and institutions to identify visitors and control access to certain premises or areas. A visitor badge typically contains the visitor's name, the host's or company's name, date of visit, as well as the company logo, a QR code, and even a photo in some cases.

Why Are Visitor Badges Important?
  • They provide value to visitors: Visitor name badges are a way to properly welcome, document and check-in your visitors. Moreover, they enable your personnel to offer assistance if they see someone with a badge, improving the visitor experience on the premises.
  • They improve security and safety: When visitor ID badges are issued on entry, visitors not wearing one are easily spotted by the employees and security staff. Therefore, they are an effective tool to control restricted areas of an organization and keep people, sensitive data, and assets safe.


Choose Your Visitor Badge at IDenticard: Filter between thermal printable, laser printable, and hand-writable visitor badges and select an expiring or non-expiring visitor badge based on your unique requirements.

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