Flexible Heavy-Duty Proximity Multi- Card Holder, Credit Card Size, Vertical (2.38" x 3.75")

Item #: 504-NCST
  • Highly-durable: Made of heavy-duty vinyl to hold and protect multiple cards without splitting.
  • Added Security: Badge holder features a lock-in slot that goes the front and back of the card, so ID cards "lock" in place when the badge strip is inserted.
  • Anti-Print Transfer Option: Anti-print transfer badge holder material resists ID imprint from sticking or bleeding onto the holder.
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 100.
    Product Description

    Made with thicker vinyl to hold multiple ID cards with ease, these heavy-duty flexible badge holders are an affordable and secure solution for protecting your vertical ID card from everyday wear-and-tear, water, fading, dirt, and more. Extending the life of your badge by up to 5X, flexible badge reels are easy to bend, preventing card breaks and cracks. Available in an anti-print transfer material option, which helps prevent the ID card from sticking to the holder.

    Holds credit card-sized cards (2.38" x 3.75")

    Design TypeFlexible
    Insert SizeCredit Card
    Outer Dimensions2.78" x 4.38"
    Insert Dimensions2.38" x 3.75"
    Extraction TypeManual
    Load TypeTop
    Resealable ClosureNo
    Locking Card CaseNo
    Anti-Print TransferYes, option available