IDentiPROX™ 60-40 Composite PVC PET Proximity Card

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    Product Description

    These IDentiPROX cards are standard CR80/credit card size, measuring 2.13" x 3.38". IDentiPROX cards are compatible with certain HID® parts. Because of the added durability of the composite material, these cards are great for slotting or for lamination.

    Each IDentiPROX card features a sequentially printed serial number on the back. Cards can be customized in a standard PVC printer, can be combined with a custom-printed stickyback card or we can custom print your cards for you. 

    Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing custom litho-printed IDentiPROX cards.

    NOTE: Please fill out the Site Codes and Starting Serial Numbers for your order. Please see specs in the below table. This information cannot be edited after purchase.

    Proximity cards are a popular credential for use in an access control system. By interacting with a card reader, proximity cards are most commonly used to open doors.

    IDentiPROX™ proximity cards are our own brand of proximity cards, an affordable alternative to big-brand proximity cards. These cards are made of 60-40 Composite PVC and are available in several different bit formats, each of which is compatible with certain 125 kHz name-brand formats.

    Because we make these cards ourselves, orders ship quickly within one week.

    HID® Equivalent Part Number: 1586LGGMN
    Item Number HID®-Compatible Format Site code and Serial Number Specs
    IDPROXISOC26 26 Bit H10301

    Site code ≤ 255
    Serial Card # ≤ 65,534

      IDPROXISOC35 35 bit Corporate 1000 Site code ≤ 4,095
      Serial Card # ≤ 1,048,575

      37 bit IDenticard Proprietary

      Site code ≤ 8,191
      Serial Card # ≤ 131,071
      IDPROXISOC37-2 37 bit H10302 No site code
      Serial Card # ≤ 34,359,738,366
      IDPROXISOC37-4 37 bit H10304 Site code ≤ 65,534
      Serial Card # ≤ 524,286
      Card DimensionsCR80/credit card size, measuring 2.13" x 3.38
      Card Material60-40 Composite PVC-PET
      Proximity FormatDepends on your encoding choice
      Magnetic StripeNo
      Frequency125 kHz
      Card Thickness30 mil