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3 Ways to Do More with Your Employee Badges

The majority of today's workplaces require employees to carry some form of identification card. These employee badges are often pretty standard: a name, a photo, a title, maybe a company logo. There's a reason why such a format is so popular: it works. Simplicity is king in many cases, with organizations settling for the basics because they're not aware of the other options out there.

However, if you're settling for a basic ID card for your employees, you're missing out on an opportunity to make your ID program even more powerful. ID cards all perform one key function: they verify the identity of the wearer. However, you can also use your ID credentials to perform a variety of other tasks. By simply changing the kind of card stock you use and adding some equipment, you can take your ID card program from "ID only" to "wow, this card does a lot!" In doing so, you can make life easier on your employees, offer a better way to track attendance and more, taking your ID program to another level.

Keep the ID, but do more with it

For some organizations, a standard ID badge does the trick: maybe their worksite doesn't need any technology, and a simple name-and-photo badge is enough. That's OK! There's nothing wrong with going the traditional route. However, some organizations will benefit from using their employee ID cards as more than just ID cards. Here are three ways to go beyond ID with your employee badges.

1. Turn your employee badges into access cards.

At most worksites, there's some form of security separating the "employees only" areas from the public. For example, workers at an office building may need a key to get in the front door, while employees at retail outlets need to swipe a generic badge to unlock a door. Instead of issuing physical keys or blank, generic cards, turn your ID badge into an access credential using a tech card and an access control system.

Both smart cards, which normally contain MIFARE® product technology, and proximity cards can be used to open doors, essentially serving as wireless keys that communicate with a card reader to open a door. These readers are managed using an access control system, which gives the user maximum control over the security of his or her facility.

By upgrading your ID badge to an ID access card, you can better control who has access to what door, get reports on the last person who opened a door and more.

Upgrade benefit: By switching to access/ID combination cards, you can maintain better control over who accesses areas of your site and can keep detailed records of door use and cardholder activity.

2. Keep track of employees by recording daily attendance

Taking attendance at a job site is a serious endeavor, particularly at hourly organizations. Poor attendance management can lead to billing discrepancies, costing your organization money.  While some organizations will be OK with taking employees at their word, others require detailed records of the times of arrival and departure for employees. Sign-in sheets are archaic and unreliable.

Go with a card-based attendance system! By using a solution like WhosOnLocation, a web-based people management program, and a scannable ID card, you can automate employee attendance, increasing accountability at your site.

By upgrading your employee badges to feature a tracking feature, like a magnetic stripe or bar code, you can easily institute a new attendance policy where all employees must scan in and scan out. Simply put your management solution at your front door and add the tracking feature to your employee ID badges. Upon arrival, the employee simply scans or swipes his or her badge, giving you an electronic record of his or her time of arrival.

Upgrade benefit: Provide your organization with greater insight into employee behavior and more accountability by using your ID badges as attendance-taking credentials.

3. Make 'em pay!

Some workplaces, like large corporate campuses or multi-tenant office buildings, have a central cafeteria where employees can pop in and grab lunch or a snack without having to go too far. Most will pay with a credit card, some with cash. But what if they could pay with their employee ID badge?

If you use smart cards for your employee badges, you can use a compatible payment system that will allow employees to load money onto their ID badge and use it for payments at the cafeteria, similar to how college students use their student ID cards on campus. Allowing your employees to use their ID badges for payments makes it less likely that they'll leave their ID badge at home or in the car, and also makes things more convenient for them by eliminating the need to bring a wallet or purse to lunch.

Upgrade benefit: Employees will be more likely to use their ID badges if they can get something out of it, and using an employee badge for payments makes this easier on your employees.

Upgrading your employee ID program is a great way to add convenience and power to an existing ID program. Plus, tech cards are cool. Go beyond the standard ID card! Learn more about our offering of employee badges and upgrade your worksite today! Upgrade your employee badges  »
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