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Be more flexible with all-new multi-directional badge holders

The new IDenticard multi-directional badge holder with a custom badge reel

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (May 25, 2016) — IDenticard today announced the release of a new badge holder perfect for organizations that issue different kinds of credentials to different personnel: the multi-directional badge holder.

Made of flexible vinyl, this badge holder has room for one credit card-sized (2.13" x 3.38") ID badge. What makes this badge holder unique is the use of multiple slots: the holder has one slot on a horizontal side and one on a vertical side, allowing the holder to be used for both horizontal and vertical ID badges.

The slots make it easy to attach the holder to the wearer with a badge reel, lanyard or strap clip.

The holder is top-loading for vertical cards and side-loading for horizontal cards. Flexible vinyl material helps protect the inserted credential from damage.

The multi-directional badge holder is perfect anywhere a regular badge holder is used, from factories and warehouses to corporate offices, banks, government offices and more.

For more information on this new badge holder solution, visit our online store! Remember, with all online orders over $99, you get free shipping. Order online today and save!

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