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IDenticard Announces LogoClips and a New Option for Custom Badge Reels

Lancaster, Pennsylvania (May 19, 2016) — IDenticard has enhanced its already strong card accessory offering with the availability of a new feature for custom badge reels and the release of the LogoClip, a new card attachment solution.

Two twist-free B-Reel badge reels featuring a custom graphic and custom text

Custom badge reels are now more "customizable" than ever before due to the release of variable text printing. Variable printing allows customers to print a different line of custom text on each of their custom badge reels.

This new feature provides customers with a way to further personalize their custom badge reels. After adding a logo or graphic, the customer can add any kind of variable text, including:

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  • Employee names
  • Years of service
  • Personnel titles
  • Variable text printing is available on all custom badge reels that can be customized using a flat or dome label, including the twist-free B-Reel®.

    Six LogoClips ID card holders from IDenticard

    Also added to the IDenticard product offering is the LogoClip. LogoClips combine the customization capabilities of a badge reel with simplicity of a strap clip to create a convenient, branded card-carrying solution.

    LogoClips feature a vinyl strap clip attached to a small area of durable ABS plastic, perfect for adding a custom dome or flat label. These convenient card accessories attach to the user with a swivel clip on the rear.

    LogoClips are available in three colors (black, white and metallic blue) and two shapes (round and square).

    Both LogoClips and custom badge reels with variable text can be ordered in our online store, where all orders over $99 ship free.

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