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IDenticard® Announces All-New Silicone Mobile Phone Wallets

IDenticard today announced an exciting new product: silicone mobile phone wallets. These convenient accessories eliminate the need for a traditional wallet or card case by attaching up to three of your cards to the back of your mobile phone. Wallets and card cases can get bulky, heavy and overstuffed; IDenticard helps streamline the card-carrying process by turning your mobile phone into a wallet, lightening the load on pockets and purses.

Silicone Cell Phone Wallet

Made of durable and flexible silicone rubber, an IDenticard silicone mobile phone wallet can hold up to three cards and will fit most flat-backed mobile phones or phone cases, making it the perfect cell phone wallet for an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Nexus.

By attaching to your mobile phone, the silicone wallet will ensure that your most important cards are never far from reach. This ease of access makes the silicone mobile phone wallets ideal for travelers looking to keep their hotel room keys handy, college students who need frequent access to campus identification cards and commuters looking to keep their public transit cards accessible.

IDenticard silicone mobile phone wallets use a 3M adhesive back to attach to your mobile phone, ensuring that the wallet stays securely fastened. The adhesive also allows the wallet to be safely removed without damaging the back of the phone. The design ensures that your cards are firmly held in the wallet, eliminating worries about cards falling out.

IDenticard silicone mobile phone wallets are available in four different colors and can be custom-printed with text, a graphic or a logo. Custom printing can be done in six imprint colors, giving your school or brand a chance to stand out from the crowd.

IDenticard has been a leader in the manufacturing of identification and security products for more than 40 years. A division of Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC) with offices in both the United States and Canada, IDenticard is proud to serve over 22,000 customers around the world, including federal agencies, hospitals, universities and multiple Fortune 500 companies. IDenticard's mission is to offer unparalleled sales, service and support to all of our customers.

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