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Higher education solutions

Identify students and secure your campus

  • Comprehensive student ID card programs
  • Customizable card accessories
  • Access control and Visitor Management for a secure campus

Colleges and universities are busy places, with students, teachers and visitors coming and going at all times. Campuses have unique identification and security needs: student ID cards are used for more than just identification, performing tasks like payments and granting access, while large campuses need to manage security for multiple buildings to ensure student safety.

Identification solutions for colleges and universities

Identification is important on college campuses, and a modern identification program has many different facets. IDenticard offers the tools and support a campus needs to create the perfect identification solution. IDenticard has been working with higher education customers for years. We have sales solutions specialists who focus on the higher education market and will work with you to assess the needs of your campus.

  • ID cards for students: IDenticard offers a number of ID solutions ideal for use as student ID cards. We offer standard ID cards that can be professionally designed using our Premium Badging Service. We also offer proximity cards and smart cards that can be programmed to grant access and process payments.
  • Photo ID software and printers: Administrative offices will benefit from being able to run their own badging program. IDenticard offers the professional photo ID software and reliable ID card printers necessary to run a high-quality badging operation. Our support teams provide timely software updates, software training and hardware repairs as necessary. At IDenticard, we’ll remain ready to assist your school long after a sale has been completed.
  • UBand™: A unique product, UBand is a silicone wristband with an embedded MIFARE Classic® 1K or proximity chip that allows it to be programmed to perform all of the functions of a MIFARE Classic 1K or proximity card. Depending on the type of chip, UBand can be programmed to grant access, process payments, use for laundry and more, all with the wave of a wrist. UBand is available in multiple colors and can be customized to feature your school’s logo.
  • Card accessories: Give your students a way to carry their ID card while also showing off school pride with a custom card accessory. IDenticard offers customizable lanyards, badge reels and silicone mobile phone wallets that will be popular with students and staff alike. Accessories can also be sold in campus bookstores as a way to increase revenue and enhance your school’s brand.

Access control and security solutions for colleges and universities

Many college campuses feature multiple buildings scattered across a large area, making it a challenge to come up with a comprehensive program to control access to buildings. An access control and security solution from IDenticard allows you to have more control over your facilities, increasing safety for students and staff. IDenticard’s access control solutions specialists will assess your campus and design the ideal access control solution for you while providing installation and technical support along the way.

  • PremiSys: The PremiSys access control system is an ideal access control and security solution from IDenticard. PremiSys allows a user to view integrated surveillance video feeds, assign or restrict access to certain users or areas and even monitor parking facilities. PremiSys is ideal for monitoring dormitories, restricting access to sensitive laboratories and more.
  • PremiSys mobile app: This handy mobile tool allows a user to monitor facilities from a smartphone, including locking down all doors in the event of a campus emergency.

Visitor Management solutions for colleges and universities

From visiting scholars to prospective students, guests play an essential role in campus life. A Visitor Management solution from IDenticard will help you process guests with ease to ensure maximum safety at your site. IDenticard’s solutions specialists will work with you to assess your site’s Visitor Management needs before helping you implement the ideal solution for your campus.

  • TEMPbadge™ Visitor Badge Log Books and expiring badges: TEMPbadge expiring badges are a versatile Visitor Management tool. Smaller campuses or campus offices will benefit from TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books, which provide a record of the visitor while also issuing a convenient expiring badge. Individual expiring badges are ideal for schools of any size, providing a convenient visual reminder that a guest’s stay on your campus has ended.
  • Visitor Management systems: Schools wishing for a more detailed system will benefit from the customizability and ease of use of TEMPbadge VMS™, which processes guests and prints a visitor badge in just four clicks and five seconds. Bigger schools with sprawling campuses can take advantage of multi-site control and the in-depth reporting capabilities of PassagePoint™.
  • WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management: A wealth of features and allowance for multiple sign-in locations at a single site make WhosOnLocation perfect for colleges and universities of all sizes. This web-based Visitor Management tool allows for easy guest sign-in, evacuation management, group pre-registration, personalized TEMPbadge expiring badge printing and more. Custom branding and easy supply re-orders make WhosOnLocation a no-brainer as a college Visitor Management solution.

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