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Card printer, software and technical services

Support plans for your hardware and software needs

  • Printer service plans protect you against breakdowns
  • Software plans feature upgrades and live support
  • Visitor Management software support keeps your premises safe

At IDenticard, we know that purchasing a new ID card printer or suite of ID badging software is a big commitment. When our customers make that sort of commitment to our products, we return the favor by standing by those products through our offering of card printer services, ID software support, Visitor Management software support and technical services.

IDenticard offers service and support plans to suit every need, from comprehensive yearly coverage to on-demand hourly service. Our offering ensures that if an issue ever arises with your product, IDenticard will be there to provide speedy assistance.

Photo ID software support: Assistance with all of your software questions and concerns

One of the most important parts of an ID badging program is the actual design of the badge itself, often using some type of photo ID software. These feature-packed programs can be difficult for some users. As a result, IDenticard offers software support plans for users of PremiSys ID™, Asure ID™ and EpiSuite™ designed to make the experience of using these products as simple as possible.

  • Software support plans are available as Express or Enterprise plans. Each has a term of one year. Express plans only provide service for a single client software license, while Enterprise plans can cover three or more client licenses. On-demand plans are available as well, and are charged at an hourly rate.
  • Express and Enterprise plans include unlimited telephone support, unlimited online support, Remote Access support when applicable and free upgrades to the latest software versions within the same product platform.
  • No support issue is too big or too small. Problems include operator issues, hardware malfunctions, software bugs and more. IDenticard will work with you to review the symptoms of the problem and provide step-by-step corrective action to ensure that the core of the issue is addressed.

Printer and hardware support: Repairs, troubleshooting and more to keep your badging program running smoothly

IDenticard sells reliable PVC ID card printers from brands like Fargo™, IDP™ and Zebra™, and we’re confident in the quality of these machines. However, even the best machines suffer a breakdown on occasion, and IDenticard’s line of PVC printer service plans is designed to make sure you never miss a badging beat in the event of printer trouble.

  • IDenticard offers three different levels of ID card printer support plans: Premium (four-year term), Standard (one-year term) and Basic (one-year term). On-demand repair and troubleshooting services are available as well, and are charged at an hourly rate.
  • Services offered vary depending on the plan (see our comparison chart below), but include telephone and web help desk support, firmware upgrades, printer repairs, reduced pricing on printheads, overnight loaner service and more. Our wealth of options makes us the perfect choice for Zebra™ printer repair, Fargo™ printer repair and IDP™ printer repair.
  • IDenticard is able to offer on-site support services to select customers located within a 100-mile radius of one of our three main sites. To find out if you qualify for this type of support, please contact us.
  • Didn’t buy your printer from us? No problem! IDenticard offers printer service plans and repair services regardless of where the printer was purchased. We cannot service all printers; however, if your printer is outdated or obsolete, we will help you compare the costs associated with a repair versus an upgrade and find the perfect solution for you.

Compare our printer service plans

  Basic Standard Premium
(Best value!)
Term 1 year 1 year 4 years
Telephone/Web Help Desk Support Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Printer Firmware Upgrades Included Included Included
Printer Repair Assessment Additional Fee Included Included
Reduced Printhead Pricing Yes Yes Yes
Labor Rate Additional Fee Included Included
Spare Parts Discounted Included Included
Loaner Service Additional Fee Yes Yes

Visitor Management software support: Ensure site safety by keeping your Visitor Management solution running without interruption

Purchasing a Visitor Management system is an excellent way to keep your employees, visitors and other personnel safe while on your premises. However, Visitor Management systems can be overwhelming, with comprehensive feature sets occasionally requiring technical know-how to get the job done. IDenticard’s offering of Visitor Management software support plans means we will be there to offer assistance any time you encounter a problem using your Visitor Management system.

  • IDenticard offers a comprehensive support plan for TEMPbadge VMS, our own Visitor Management solution. The support plan has a term of one year and includes unlimited phone and web support, software updates and more. The plan must be purchased at the time of the system sale.
  • IDenticard is also proud to offer PassagePoint solutions, and is able to offer comprehensive manufacturer support plans for a variety of PassagePoint iterations. All PassagePoint support plans are managed by the manufacturer, and include one-year plans, three-year plans, remote installation and training, on-site training and more.

Don’t want to commit to a full plan? IDenticard can still help you!

If purchasing a full-length hardware or software service plan isn’t for you, IDenticard can still help you when a problem arises. We offer a variety of on-demand services, including hardware repair and troubleshooting, telephone and web services, software updates and more. All on-demand software support or printer repair services are billed at an hourly rate and must be initiated through our technical services department. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our on-demand services.

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