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Providing solutions for local, state and federal government

  • Secure employee ID badges and cards
  • Customizable card accessories
  • Comprehensive access control and security systems

IDenticard is a GSA-approved vendor

A proud GSA contract holder since 1973

Identification Solutions

Government agencies often require personnel to wear employee badges, making a comprehensive identification solution essential. IDenticard has the tools and support necessary to implement such a solution and keep it running smoothly. IDenticard’s government solutions specialists have years of experience designing and implementing identification solutions for agencies of all sizes.

  • ID cards and badges: IDenticard has a variety of products ideal for use as government ID cards, including standard ID cards, proximity cards and smart cards. Our Premium Badging Service provides professional design and printing for your cards, leaving only the variable data to be printed on-site. IDenticard also offers a number of optional security features designed to make counterfeiting a card difficult.
  • Photo ID software: IDenticard’s offering of photo ID software features a number of options that can be used to design professional ID badges. Import logos and text to make the ID badge design unique to your organization.
  • ID card printers: Government organizations will usually print a number of cards on-site, making a reliable ID card printer essential. IDenticard offers printers for PVC and JetPak™ cards, as well as printer services and technical support to keep your badging operation up and running.
  • Card accessories Lanyards, badge reels and badge holders keep a card securely fastened and can be customized to feature an organization’s logo for added pride. Shielded badge holders are ideal for use with government smart cards, protecting against unauthorized identity theft known as “skimming.”

    Access Control and Security Solutions

    Government organizations can be housed in small buildings or on large campuses, but the goal is the same for each: keep facilities secure to protect staff, visitors and sensitive sites or information. An access control and security solution from IDenticard gives your organization the tools necessary to monitor all areas of your site. Our sales solutions specialists can assist you with all aspects of your access control solution, from a needs assessment to making sure the system has been installed properly. Dedicated technical support means help is never more than a phone call away.

    • PremiSys: The PremiSys access control system makes it easy to have eyes on your site at all times. PremiSys can be integrated with surveillance video feeds, is compatible with select biometric scanners and can grant or restrict access to certain doors or wings.
    • PremiSys mobile app: This useful mobile tool puts the power of PremiSys in the palm of your hand. Monitor and control your site remotely from your smartphone, including locking down all doors with the press of a button.

      Visitor Management Solutions

      Visitors are essential to a well-functioning government office. However, welcoming those visitors shouldn’t mean compromising when it comes to security. A Visitor Management system from IDenticard will allow you to effectively process and monitor guests to increase security at your facilities. Our Visitor Management solutions specialists will assess your site’s needs, recommend a solution for you and assist with its implementation.

      • TEMPbadge™ expiring badges: As a flexible Visitor Management solution, TEMPbadge expiring badges can be used in government offices of all sizes. Smaller government organizations will benefit from TEMPbadge Visitor Badge Log Books, while individual TEMPbadges, available handwritten or thermal printed, can be customized with a logo or unique header.
      • Visitor Management systems: Larger government organizations will benefit from a comprehensive Visitor Management system. TEMPbadge™ VMS is able to process guests in just four clicks and five seconds, complete with a unique thermal-printed badge. PassagePoint™ allows for the management of multiple locations from a single site, the compilation of detailed visitor reports, web pre-registration and more.
      • WhosOnLocation web-based Visitor Management: Government offices with multiple entry points will appreciate the flexibility and growth potential of WhosOnLocation, an innovative web-based Visitor Management tool. WhosOnLocation allows users to sign-in guests, set up self sign-in procedures, pre-register groups or individuals, track employee attendance and more. The system is completely web-based, and can be accessed from any web browser. WhosOnLocation is compatible with TEMPbadge expiring badges for a comprehensive solution. All data is stored on a secure server to protect privacy. License can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis and can be canceled at any time.
        Government Organization Solutions

        IDenticard is a leading provider of government identification and security solutions, with more than 35 years of experience providing identification badges, card accessories, photo ID software, access control systems and more to federal, state and local government.

        As a GSA-approved vendor, IDenticard offers many products and services to customers from the federal government through our GSA Federal Supply Schedule. IDenticard’s sales solutions specialists who focus on government clients will work with you to understand your organization’s needs and to help you implement the perfect solution.

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