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Employee Badges & ID Cards

Photo ID badges for employees of all kinds

  • Blank PVC or JetPak cards perfect for photo IDs
  • Photo ID software to design employee badges
  • Printers and supplies to bring your badges to life

An employee ID badge is an important feature at organizations of all sizes and types. Employee badges increase security at your site by positively identifying your personnel and also give your organization a more professional, businesslike appearance.

Whether your organization is seeking a large-scale employee identification card program suitable for a Fortune 50 corporation or is looking for a few dozen employee name badges for a local manufacturing company, we have the tools and services necessary to create the perfect solution for you.

From employee ID card templates and photo ID card software to badge printers and ID badge holders, IDenticard has everything you need for a complete employee identification solution.

Let us print custom employee ID badges for you!

You’ve got a business to run — let us worry about the employee ID cards! IDenticard’s Premium Badging Service is a full-scale custom ID card design service. We will work with you to design the perfect custom employee badges for your site. Add your logo, choose your colors, add some text and more.

With our Premium Badging Service, we’ll send you nearly finished cards, leaving just the variable data, such as an employee’s name, photo and title, to be printed on-site. Our Premium Badging Service is a great way for busy companies who want a robust employee ID card program to get the employee badges they need without investing the time.

PremiSys ID: Employee badge templates make it easy to create your own ID badges?

For organizations who want to run their own employee ID badge program, good photo ID software is key. The photo ID software is what you will use to design your employee ID badges and is where you’ll be creating the professional card look you desire.

PremiSys ID is the perfect employee ID badge software. Made by IDenticard, PremiSys offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive design options, a card design wizard, a mobile application and more.

  • Employee badge templates: PremiSys is pre-loaded with a number of ID badge templates specific to particular organizations. Whether you’re in healthcare or education, PremiSys employee badge templates make it easy to quickly design the perfect ID card.
  • Create employee ID badges on the go: The PremiSys mobile app allows users to create ID badges from a smartphone or tablet. Enter user information, take a photo and print the card to a networked ID card printer, all from the palm of your hand!
  • Easy credential management: Along with creating badges, the PremiSys mobile app is also able to verify users on the go. Give your security personnel a table loaded with the PremiSys mobile app, and he or she will be able to ask for a name or ID badge and instantly verify whether or not that person is supposed to be on-site.

Stock up on equipment, like blank ID cards and employee badge printers

If you’re going to be creating employee photo ID cards on-site, you’re going to need several different items to run a successful program. Creating an employee badge requires photo ID software (like PremiSys, mentioned above), blank ID card stock, an ID card printer and card printer supplies.

Fortunately, IDenticard is a one-stop shop for all of the above. Whether you’re looking for an employee badge printer, cardstock to be used as employee ID badges or employee ID badge holders to display the cards, we’ve got you covered.

  • Blank cards for employee badges: We offer a number of blank ID cards in materials like PVC, composite and synthetic paper. Our JetPak™ cards are excellent for use as employee badges. These synthetic paper cards can be customized using an inkjet printer. JetPak cards are available in a variety of sizes and in custom shapes (like a tooth for a dentist’s office). Standard PVC cards have long been a popular choice as employee badges as well, with several sizes and varieties in stock.
  • Employee badge printers: We offer printers perfect for both PVC employee badges and JetPak™ employee badges. PVC card printers include models from Zebra®, Fargo® and IDP®, while we’re also proud to offer inkjet printers from Epson®. Try our New Expert Printer Selector to match your card design, volume, and security needs with our top recommendations from our complete range of industry leading PVC card printers.
  • Badge printer supplies: Our Printer Supply Finder makes it easy to find the ribbons, cleaning kits or ink cartridges you need to print the perfect employee ID card.
  • Employee badge accessories: We offer all kinds of stock and custom ID card accessories, including badge holders, retractable badge reels, lanyards and strap clips.

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