IDentiPROX™ Uband™ Access Chip Sensor RFID Wristband

Item #: UBAND-BLU-PRX-26-6
  • Durable: UBand is made of silicone rubber making it durable to withstand the rigors of daily work. It’s also waterproof and sweatproof to withstand the harsh conditions of waterparks and gyms.
  • Innovative: A modern proximity solution that provides innovative contactless access in the form of a convenient wristband. With comfort in mind, UBand sits comfortably on the wrist and slides on and off with ease making it efficient and nearly theft-proof.
  • Customizable: Our proximity UBand is available in two in-stock colors, and can be ordered in custom colors as well. Customize with your organizations logos, graphics, and text in three different print formats (embossing, debossing, and screen printing) for a truly unique and secure access wristband. Custom colors and graphics are subject to longer lead times and a higher minimum order quantity.
  • The minimum quantity is 10
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 10.
    Product Description

    UBand™ from IDenticard is a durable silicone wristband that contains a 125 kHz proximity chip, providing you with the hands-free applications of an proximity card, in the convenience of a wristband. This innovative wearable is available in three sizes, 6” (children), 7”, and 8”. All these sizes can be customized to feature graphics or text.

    UBand™ is available in multiple bit formats, including 26 bit, 35 bit and 37 bit, ensuring that there’s a fit for your organization. UBand™ is also compatible with many HID® proximity formats, meaning it can serve as a direct replacement for HID® cards in many cases. With UBand™, access is easy: simply tap your wrist and go!

    Sold in increments of 10

      DimensionsSmall - 6", Medium - 7", Large - 8"
      Proximity Format26 bit H10301
      35 bit Corporate 1000
      37 bit H10302
      37 bit H10304
      Frequency125 kHz
      Read/Write RangeRead only, 0 - 1.5" (0 - 3.8 cm)
      MOQ/Order IncrementsMust order in quantities of 10