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Identification Solutions

Cards, software, printers & more for a complete ID program

  • Solutions for business, government, healthcare & education
  • Custom accessories make your organization’s brand stand out
  • Expert service to determine which solution best fits your needs

A comprehensive identification program is about more than just a badge or card. It also includes the photo ID software used to design the badge, the ID card printer used to create it, the badge holder used to protect it and the lanyard or badge reel used to securely attach it.

Try Our New Expert Printer Selector

Our new expert printer selector will match your card design, volume, and security needs with our top recommendations from our complete range of industry leading PVC card printers. Compare options side by side to make the right purchase decision to suit your immediate needs, budget, and future plans.

ID cards & badges: Professionally display names, photos and more

IDenticard offers cards and badges made of PVC and synthetic paper for a variety of different uses. From standard identification cards with a name and picture to customized proximity cards that can be used to grant access, IDenticard has the badge and card solution for you.

  • IDenticard’s selection of badges and cards can be used for identification, access, time and attendance, payments and more. Standard PVC cards and synthetic paper JetPak™ cards are excellent options for identification, while IDentiPROX™ or JetProx™ cards are proximity cards ideal for combining identification with access. IDenticard also offers smart cards, smart discs, smart tokens and HID® proximity products.
  • Badge Buddies role recognition cards are ideal for use in hospitals and medical centers. These synthetic paper cards feature bright colors and large, bold text designed to clearly identify the user’s title. Badge Buddies are available with pre-printed titles like “DOCTOR” or “CNA” and can also be customized online using our Design Your Own Badge Buddies tool.
  • A full suite of card security features, including holographic foil stamping and MicroText for synthetic paper cards, is available. Additional card features include barcode printing, magnetic stripe encoding and custom design using our Premium Badging Service.

Photo ID software: The tools you need to design a professional badge or card

For most customers, each badge or card will be different: a unique name, photo or title needs to go on each badge. The products in IDenticard’s photo ID software offering make it easy to design professional-looking credentials and enter the necessary variable data. Features include pre-configured design layouts, industry-specific templates and smart “face-finding” photo technology.

  • IDenticard offers its own photo ID software, PremiSys ID, along with Asure ID™ from HID® and EPI Suite™ from ImageWare Systems. Each software was designed to be intuitive and easy to use while still producing professional results. PremiSys ID Pro™ can be used with the PremiSys mobile app, which allows a user to capture a photo, enter variable data and print a badge to a networked computer using nothing but a smartphone.
  • PremiSys ID kits are available for those looking to start a new badging operation. These kits include a camera, tripod, PremiSys ID software, a card printer (PVC or inkjet) and blank cards (PVC or synthetic paper); simply add a computer and start badging!

ID Card Printers: Reliable technology to bring your credentials to life

Badging operations usually require some printing to be done on-site, making a reliable printer an essential part of any identification solution. IDenticard offers a selection of high-quality, dependable PVC and inkjet printers that deliver professional print quality. We also offer all of the supplies you need to keep your badging program running smoothly.

  • Printers from Fargo, IDP and Zebra offer high print quality on PVC cards, while inkjet printers from Epson allow for maximum image detail and color quality on synthetic paper cards. Available options on certain printers include a built-in laminating module for additional card protection, a magnetic stripe encoder, dual-sided printing and more.
  • Printer supplies are available as well, including ribbons for PVC printers, ink for inkjet printers, replacement print heads, laminators and cleaning supplies. IDenticard’s Printer Supplies Finder makes it easy to stock up on the correct supplies for your printer.
  • Try our New Expert Printer Selector to match your card design, volume, and security needs with our top recommendations from our complete range of industry leading PVC card printers. Compare options side by side to make the right purchase decision to suit your immediate needs, budget, and future plans.

Card accessories: Carry and protect your card with standard or custom products

Identification card accessories are more than just ways to carry or protect a card or badge: most of these accessories can be customized to feature your organization’s logo, furthering brand recognition. Custom badge reels and custom lanyards can be designed online using IDenticard’s do-it-yourself tools.

    • Attach a card or badge to its wearer using a badge reel, lanyard or strap clip. These attachments are available in a variety of colors and styles. Vinyl or hard plastic badge holders are perfect for keeping credentials safe from dirt or damage, while shielded badge holders protect cards from unauthorized data and identity theft known as “skimming.” Give your employees a new way to carry their credential with IDenticard’s silicone mobile phone wallets.
    • Consolidate your card program with UBand, IDenticard’s innovative silicone wristband. UBand contains either a MIFARE Classic® 1K or proximity chip that allows it to be programmed to perform the same functions as a card, including access, payments and data tracking.
    • Custom identification accessories, especially lanyards and silicone mobile phone wallets, make excellent giveaway or promotional items.

As a market leader in the identification and security fields since the 1970s, IDenticard has the products, services and support you need to start an identification solution from the beginning or to supplement the solution you currently have in place. IDenticard has sales associates across the United States and Canada who have years of experience crafting unique identification solutions based on the needs of individual clients. Our sales associates will work with you to assess your needs and create the perfect solution for you and your employees.

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