14 mil Adhesive Back PVC Card with Mylar Liner (CR80/Credit Card Size)

Item #: CV-75P
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    Product Description

    These adhesive back PVC cards are a great way to add customization to a valuable technology card without having to replace the card.

    These cards, also known as stickybacks, are designed to be attached to another credential. Simply issue blank smart cards with a custom-printed stickyback card attached, and you'll be able to simply peel off the custom portion if an employee leaves, as an example.

    Stickyback cards are perfect for creating custom reusable smart cards and proximity cards.

    • These stickybacks measure 2.13" x 3.38", also known as CR80 size or credit card size
    • They're 14 mils thick, about half as thick as a standard PVC card and have a Mylar liner
    • Due to their size, we recommend only using these stickybacks with another CR80-sized credential
    • Customizable using a standard PVC card printer
    • These cards come in packs of 100
      Card DimensionsCredit Card/CR80: 2.13" x 3.38" (54mm x 86mm)
      Card MaterialAdhesive Back PVC with Mylar liner
      Card Thickness14 mils
      Magnetic StripeNo
      Packaging100 cards per pack