JetPak™ ID Credential, Laminating Pouch, Government Card Size (14 Mil)

Item #: F85-52GWP
  • Durable & Secure: Protect your government-sized JetPak™ ID cards from water damage, dirt, scratches, breakage, and every day wear-and tear with our durable and thick laminated pouches.
  • Easy Insertion: Each pouch is open on three sides, making it simple to slide your card inside for laminating.
  • Save Time & Money: Laminating your ID cards adds to the durability of the card, making the cards long-term solutions, which means you won't need to spend as much time or money on replacements.
  • The minimum quantity is 100
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 100.
    Product Description

    Help secure and protect government-sized ID cards with these durable laminating pouches. Ideal for federal government agencies, law enforcement, and organizations looking for a durable, high-security ID solution for their employees. Since there is no slot featured, both vertical and horizontal ID cards can be used for added versatility.

    • Dimensions of 2.63" x 3.88"
    • No slot, so both vertical and horizontal ID cards can be used
    • Thickness of 14 mil (7 mil per side)
    Card Dimensions2.63" x 3.88" (67 mm x 99 mm)
    Card MaterialPolyester/Polyethylene
    Card Thickness14 mil
    Packaging 100 pouches per box