30 mil PVC Card with Barcode Mask (CR80/Credit Card Size)

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    Product Description

    The carbonless black barcode mask on these PVC cards provides extra security for your barcodes.

    Adding bar codes to your ID cards is a great way to add functionality to an ID program without breaking the bank. Bar codes can be used scanning in for time and attendance, checking out books, making payments and more.

    However, many bar codes can be easily duplicated with a copy machine, making them a somewhat vulnerable solution.

    The carbonless black bar allows the barcode to only be read by an infrared bar code scanner. If a counterfeiter attempted to copy your bar code, all he or she would see is a black bar. However, to the appropriate infrared reader, your bar code is as clear as day.

    Carbonless black bars and infrared bar code readers are a great solution for any organization concerned about the security of their ID credentials. These cards make great government ID credentials.

    The cards are made of standard PVC, offering a sturdy credential solution that can easily be customized with a PVC ID card printer.

    • These cards are standard CR80/credit card size, measuring 2.13" x 3.38".
    • The carbonless black bar measures 0.63" x 3.13".
    • Cards ship in shrink-wrapped packages of 100 cards.
    Card DimensionsCredit Card/CR80: 2.13" x 3.38" (54mm x 86mm)
    Card MaterialPVC
    Card Thickness30 mils
    Magnetic StripeNo
    Packaging100 cards per pack