JetPak™ ID Credential Laminating Pouches, Data Collection Size, Magentic Stripe (20 Mil)

Item #: F87-73VSDWPH
  • Durable & Secure: This vertical laminating pouch offers both protection against damage, and the ability to use your card in “smart” applications like: processing payments, opening doors, and identifying personnel.
  • Easy Set-up: Simply print out your JetPak™ credential paper card and place inside this pouch. Pass the pouch through your laminating machine, and you have a finished card!
  • Magnetic Stripe Functionality: Buy in bulk of 100 pouches to get a durable ID solution with the functionality of a HICO magnetic stripe to protect your ID credentials and control access.
  • The minimum quantity is 100
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    The minimum quantity allowed for purchase is 100.
    Product Description

    Finish your JetPak™ ID and add the functionality of a magnetic stripe!

    By placing your JetPak™ data collection-sized credential paper insert into this laminating pouch, you're not just getting a durable ID solution; you're getting the functionality of a High Coervicity (HICO) magnetic stripe! This pouch is meant for use with vertical, data collection-sized JetPak™ credential paper inserts only, including:

    Additional Specs

    • Measures 2.31" x 3.25"
    • Thickness of 20 mil(10 mil per side)
    • Vertical slot:do not use with horizontal inserts
    • HICO magnetic stripe is 0.5" in diameter

    This is the laminating pouch only; inserts must be purchased separately.

    Card Dimensions2.31" x 3.25" (59 mm x 83 mm)
    Card MaterialPolyester/Polyethylene
    Card Thickness20 mil
    Packaging 100 pouches per box